Podcast Episode 61: The Birth of a Saint

Some fun quotes from the week, Neil Young and Pono, New Zealand apologizes to Kim Dotcom, Sanctuary’s mom celebrates a birthday, and Where does self-defense end?

Episode 61: The Birth of a Saint

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Quote the Sanctuary: “Today is national punctuation day, Please sit to the left, and put on your seatbelts.”

Quote the Sanctuary: “You know, I like my Windows 8 machine…”

Quote Atnevon: “The price difference between a 150gb Static drive and a 2gb drive is negligible.”

Self Defence or Assault in home defense cases
(Trial date to be set on October 25th)

Neil Young Expands Pono Digital-to-Analog Music Service

New Zealand intelligence illegally spied on Kim Dotcom

Triangulation 71: Jonathan Coulton

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