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Eyes of Eden Interview

Walde Sorychta was kind enough to share his thoughts with us yesterday in our podcast interview with one of the key figures behind Eyes of Eden. At his backing is a lot of experience producing for some very large and very well known bands out there, and that experience and that talent shines through quite […]

Collide Interview

Music is an escape for some people. It’s a way to slip away from the world that surrounds us and retreat into the one that we create for ourselves inside our own heads. With Collide, we find a band that has taken their music and brought out that private world into the light of the […]

The Last Dance Interview

Yesterday afternoon, Sanctuary and I had a fantastic time with bringing you The Last Dance for a chat celebration and podcast interview that we’re quite sure was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Our goal with the chat and interview sessions has always been to bring great music to more ears and help give people a […]

System Syn Interview

Clint from System Syn was with us on air Saturday afternoon for our podcast interview series on Second Shifters ( http://www.secondshifters.com ), and he shared with us a bit about himself and the band he worked so hard to form. He picked up his first guitar when he was 15 years old at a garage sale and […]

Second Skin Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were happy to have Arron from Second Skin as our guest for the Podcast Interview Series at Second Shifters ( http://www.secondshifters.com ). The interview helped us gain some new insight into the band, and features a brand new track called “Birthday Girl”. If you like what you hear, you’ll definitely want to pick up […]

Kooper Kain Interview

We were very pleased to be joined Saturday afternoon by Max Arnason from the band Kooper Kain in our Live Chat and Podcast Interview Session. The group has held a place on our playlist for quite some time now, and it was very nice to have some time to get to know them a bit […]

Haven Interview

Joining us Saturday afternoon for our Live Chat and Podcast Interview Session on Second Shifters Radio ( http://www.secondshifters.com ) was Haven, a new band on our playlist (thanks to Sanctuary’s insanely gifted ability to find great bands on MySpace) and one that we very much think that you’ll enjoy. Allios Sin from the duo lent his time […]

phoenix/NEBULIN Interview

Friday evening, we were quite pleased to have the band phoenix/NEBULIN with us for our Live Chat and Interview Podcast Session on Second Shifters Radio ( http://www.secondshifters.com ). The night started with a kick when we heard from the band in the on air interview and song mix. We learned a good deal about the band with […]

ThouShaltNot Interview

Alex Reed, from the band ThouShaltNot, was our guest yesterday for our live chat and podcast interview session, and we were quite honored to have have him join us. In both the live chat and in the on air interview, Alex demonstrated a great deal of insight and thought with his answers, and even gave […]

Xiphoid Process Interview

Yesterday afternoon we were very glad to bring you our interview podcast session with Xiphoid Process. Michael, from the band, shared with us some insights into what brought him to become an artist and what influences he has drawn from. The interview helps showcase how much talent and dedication he puts into his work, and […]