We’re Wondering How Many New Mothers Will Choose the Name Jason for their Babies Today?

According to Atnevon’s math there are 4 million babies born in the US each year. That means every year (based on recent stats over at, there are 11, 344 Jason’s born, which reveals there were approximately 31 Jason’s born today.

Think about that while you sleep tonight.

Friday the 13th is never complete without Jason. So in honor of that we’ve added “Friday the 13th” to our film section.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Image From American History X

American History X: A Film You Need to See

So often we see darkness portrayed as a fiction. Be it werewolves or zombies or vampires, the tales we hear of it always seem to be something other than human. Maybe we make this separation in the stories we tell ourselves in order to make it easier for us to sleep at night. If the monsters aren’t real, then they can’t actually hurt us.

Unfortunately, the truth is a lot more unsettling. Monsters do exist, and the scariest ones don’t have fangs, and they don’t walk on all fours. Hiding in the souls of each and every one of us lie the darkest parts of the world.

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