Podcast Episode 7: Squiggly Letters… and Legal Systems

Sanctuary and I have a little bit of a disagreement on Indiana’s new policy on cursive handwriting. We have a few heated responses to the idea of tuition help for illegal immigrants, and the Casey Anthony trial brings us to a few interesting thoughts on the whole ordeal in our 7th episode of the new podcast series. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Episode 7: Squiggly Letters… and Legal Systems

Podcast Episode 4: Parents

Our ode to Parents, and to all the things wrong with kids these days (yes, we feel old now) is up for download.

Episode 4: Parents

We’ll be back next week at our usually scheduled time slot of 4pm Eastern (8pm UTC) for those that want to join us live. We look forward to seeing you then.

Podcast Episode 3: Too Much Technology

**Update: We will be recording our next podcast a little earlier than usual due to some scheduling issues. Tune in at noon eastern (4pm UTC) on Sunday to catch us live for episode 4.**

In our third episode, we do our best to explore the bounds of technology and whether or not all of us are just a little too addicted to it, especially as a form of communication. Take a listen and let us know where you stand.

Episode 3: Too Much Technology

As an aside, it seems oddly appropriate that The Oatmeal posted this today:


Podcast Episode 2: Civil Discussion

Our second episode in our new podcast series is up and available for download. We had a fun little talk about, well, talking to eachother, and how we can all try to have debates without everything resulting in a screaming match.

Episode 2: Civil Discussion

While you’re listening, be sure to head over to Star’s poll for the topic of our next episode. Let us know what you’d like to hear and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Podcast Episode 1: This is Only a Test

Episode 1 of our new Podcast series is now up and online for everyone to listen to. We’ve also posted the Pre-show for those that want to hear a little bit of what happened before we started the official broadcast… and we have a special ringtone in the mix as well, per the request of Kidcha from the chat.

Episode 1: This is Only a Test

Pre-show 1: A Long 15 Minutes

Kidcha’s Voicemail

We’ll be having future episodes airing live on Sundays at 4pm Eastern (8pm GMT), and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens with them. If you’re free, we’d love to have you stop by the chat for the next episode.