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Podcast Episode 109: No Touching!

We have some differing opinions on just how far is too far for polical correctness in schools, Deadmau5 doesn’t seem to like his home town too much, Sanctuary finds reason to keep being a pessimist, There is some confusion on what constitutes doctor assisted suicide in the case of a paralyzed hunter, A new way to potentially catch some of the worst kinds of pedophiles, Updates on some previous stories, and Atnevon admits he was wrong.

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Podcast Episode 105: Clever Girl

Snow White has a magic vagina; The walking, talking dead man; Watch out for female killers; A crowded subway train is apparently the best place to shoot someone; New Doctor Who episodes actually come to light on iTunes; Major record labels maintain their evil status, and Atnevon fills in some details on his HealthCare.gov experience.

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Podcast Episode 103: Death to Levity

Joking turns serious with the signs of the Illuminati in Miley Cyrus videos, Sanctuary gives us an article that unearths zombie origins, Spoiling Breaking Bad will get you disowned, People are now growing spare body parts on their arms and foreheads, Chris Christie steps in the way of gay marriage in New Jersey, Pink Floyd’s drummer changes his mind on streaming, and Atnevon has some good news about Night Rider.

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Podcast Episode 102: Obsession

Sexism and Racism appear to be alive and well, The Washington Post says that maybe we shouldn’t indulge that kind of ignorance so much in the media, We actually agree with The Pope on something, Breaking Bad gets a prequel, Chipotle has a great new ad, and Our hearts go out to the victims of the Navy Yard shooting.

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Podcast Episode 101: The Evil Known as Bob

Banning smartphones at concerts, Hitler’s bodyguard dies, Abandoning your pets in the middle of the road is despicable, Atnevon gives a thorough description of how online crypto works to try to help people sort through NSA stories a little better, Sanctuary finds happiness in a website, and Night Rider is introduced to our listeners.

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Podcast Episode 100: Now Syndicated on the Tay Allyn Forums

Note: I’d love to blame the lateness of this post on a glitch in moving to 3 digit episode numbers, but the truth is that I had a few personal issues pop up between the broadcast of our live show and now.  I’ll explain more on the next episode, but you can safely assume it hasn’t been the best of times for me these last few days.  -Atnevon

New Jersey finds new ways to make texting illegal, Schrodinger’s pot, Kevin Spacey thinks storylines are important for some reason, and We celebrate 100 episodes of the show with some unique ideas for syndication.

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