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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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  • Interests:I am into finding those of like mind and spirit. I am sick of being the sickest one in my family. I am alone and wandering.
her is one of mine.

Nightmare Images

I'm a mangy dog barking and growling at the night
I am a constant reminder of the pain and suffering that humans fear
I am that lost sheep that cries and pleads to keep his wool
the reality of my existance is nothingness
I am just a figment
A constant look into a frightful nightmare
The pain I feel isn't real
It's brought on by the self loathing and content that I feel
Self hating and being the only one who loves me stinks...
I am confliction
I am the never ending rust that settles on the knife that slits my throat
I can't be this shell of shit
This walking clump of mud
This distasteful being that puts a sour taste in the mouths of wveryone who helps me
I am the chapter of self inflicted woes
In a book of eternal shadows i rest
The blood on my hands can never dry
The wound in my heart can not be sealed
The plank in my eye is rotting
Forming splinters of false visions
That makes me paranoid
So I sit in this dark room with 2 empty chairs and a bottle of Vodka
I have no home but this hut made of mud and spit
The things that the Gods has given me is not enough
The love that they give is barely substantial
I have no tomorrow, I barely have yesterday
My silent screems defen my ears to reality
This shell of shit...
This being trapped in side this insulting society
I beg that this rage be taken away
I fight against the bullets that comes from the gun of exception
My happy thought are of broken hearts and shattered dreams
To see the blood of innocent things.
i am my own demon and my own angel
Battling until insanity is whats left
Stuffing dcown the feelings of forgotten love
L struggle on....

Please tell me what you think. Just e-mail me



    eaten back to life

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it's long but cool. also, i moved this into its own thread. ;)
i never found the rainbow's end, but at least i found a better place without you

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