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Obscurcis Romancia

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    Green Eggs And Ham

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  • Interests:Metal, finishing my Astronomy degree, Singing in a metal band, Metal, Writing Graphic Novels, Playing "Vampire: The Masquerade" (Live Action LARP,) Metal, making fun of bad mainstream music, playing D&D, Metal, classical music, darkwave music, gothic aesthetics and ambience.....did I mention I sing in a metal band?.....Metal....
I picked up this album from Scrape records on the way back from the Opeth show in Vancouver and whole-ly shit, it is rad!!! This is the kind of stuff I expect to hear from Europe, the only bands that come to mind when I think of eastern Canada are Martyr, Cryptopsy and Neuraxis, but it's refreshing to hear this kind of stuff emerging from the east. The use of keyboards is very dissonent and haunting, the vocals are very high-pitched and screechy, enjoyable, my cup of tea. the drumming's a lot more up-beat and complex as compared to a lot of black metal bands that I listen to as well. Check it out: http://www.obscurcis.com



    All 7 Sins, and about to be your eighth

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You'll have to invite me over while I'm in town so I can take a listen... :)

{Water} "Sin is the epitome of the seven deadly sins... she can drive a man to do all of them."

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