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Poetry and Prose Courtesies

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Courtesies of the Poetry and Prose area of Second Shifters

Courtesy #1
Please have ONE thread per "artist" if you will. The forum is getting larger and while we all want to have our poetry read, there is a greater chance of users being able to view ALL of our work, if it is all in one place/thread. The users which had multiple threads throughout this area have had them merged and it shouldn't be too difficult for us all to see how it works. If you contribute a lot to this forum and feel that you should have perhaps two seperate threads (Example: Sin's Stories vs Sin's Poetry") then please feel free to do so, just drop Syana a pm letting her know so she doesn't merge your stories in with your poetry. :)

Courtesy #2
Please respect the creativity and imagination of others on this forum and let their work be theirs... just as you would want to keep your work yours. This means no plagiarism... see below for definition. :)


n 1: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work 2: the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own

Courtesy #3
Please be polite in your responses towards other people's work. This is their mind, their creativity, their imagination and while you may not be able to wrap your own mind around the concept or ideas presented in their writing, they had a reason for writing it and it may yet still touch some other users on the forum... please treasure and value the imagination here and don't violate it with insults and barbs slung at the writers. We're priviledged that they are willing to share their work with us.


Thank you. :)

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