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    Swords are fun

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Hey admins i have a question, what are the post-count/heirchy levels in accordance with each other? (for ex: 10 posts=breakfast)
If you can't hit it then stop firing, the sound is hurting my ears.
Sex is soooo abused.
Shoot your friends, not yourself.
Find comfort within yourself, because most people DON'T CARE!
Take careful notice that when i say lol i usually say it when something is slightly funny, no i am not always laughing, lol... ooops.... DMN IT!
All instruments need to be able to play in the bass cleft.
Computers are your friends, unless you're in a terminator movie; then you need to run.
Physcology is a wasted profession, but hey... it's Fun!
Hypocracy is sooo annoying.
Everything needs to bite just as hard as SecondShifters.
Suicide is an act of cowardice.
Know what's scary? Is that my signature is usually longer than my posts.
If you spent the time to read all of this, you've earned my utmost respect.
I'm also running out of breath, so I'll shutup now (pant)
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