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Dream House

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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A dream house.

Well, that would be an older renovated farmhouse out in the sticks where the crickets are my neighbors.
Where the closest bipedal neighbor is at least a foorball field away, and you would definitely need a plowtruck to clear the driveway in the winter.

Inside the house, the kitchen would be rustic, salt and peppered with antiques here and there, with a canning pantry. (So far all I make is my own jams and jellies, and home made butter.)

No, I am not Suzy Homemaker, but I like being somewhat self sufficient.

Off the hallway, there would be a split living room, to the left would be a huge couch, near a 32 inch or bigger flat screen tv, with a PS2, Gamecube, and WebTV, and a stereo that would force me to put triple plate glass in the windows.
To the right would be the Game Room. A pool table, dart board, foozeball and airhockey table and a wet bar that would be stocked with nothing but Micheloeb Golden Draft Light.

At the Far end of the hall the house would come to a turret I would have added onto the original house, and it would be a 2 level solarium, that would house all of my house plants. (I have 39 right now in a 2 bedroom apartment)

Upstairs, there would be the bedrooms. One of the bedrooms, (mine) would have a very gothic style four poster bed, fitted with gauzy curtians, and mirrors on the ceiling. (Yes, I know I am an oddling)

That is all I can think of, for now.

Oh, and it would have a generator.
"It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion".

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    I Am The Law!

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you know what would be REALLY cool house? And old gothic catholic cathedral....like Notre Dame...man that would rock...but you dont find much of those for sale...mostly cause they're considered HISTORIC sites.....

Loki's Master

Loki's Master

    Horton Hatches The Egg

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I've always wanted to live in a system of subterranean caverns and tunnels beneath a major urban hub. In exchange for letting me stay down there, I would manage the sewers, storm drains, subway system, and dungeons for the city. My pets would be water rats. Those get big, too! Cute, though. I'd make these beautiful rooms just for beauty's sake, live off of what the city throws out or loses. Anyone ever read "Downsiders"? Yeah. That's the idea. ::sigh:: LoKi would have to come live with me... he could be my emmisary to the topworld!! That would be fun. We'd make rockin' bassoon/flute/accordion music deep into the night...

It would be a punk/goth haven, by the way. It'd prolly end up as a consensus-run collective, and then fall apart. Heh...



    Horton Hatches The Egg

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oooooooooo pet rats......



    Offender of the Idiotic

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I want to live on Elle Mcpherson's right ass cheek; the view would be phenomenal!



    Yertle The Turtle

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Two Pages!



Like I'm actually happy about that...



    All 7 Sins, and about to be your eighth

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So new members....

Another old thread, revived... what is -YOUR- dream house?

{Water} "Sin is the epitome of the seven deadly sins... she can drive a man to do all of them."



    Yertle The Turtle

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I want one of those old spanish homes...or perhaps a plantation house..Hmm I think I would love to have a second story house



    Yertle The Turtle

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my plan is to win the lottery and build the coolest house in the world *nod nod*

it's gonna have secret passages n stuff and my bedroom will just be a huge bed that takes up all the space except one wall
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    Horton Hears A Who

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Well me and you would have a house u know it a little house on the side of a hill in ireland in the shape of a laying down bong that has a hose going to a "burn" room hehe
Crash my black into blue,
this eternity that ripps my soul into two,
hear my wretched fouling words of death,
through this ecstatic strifing crystal meth.

look at me im the shadow,
that comes from behind you,
i test your minds sanity,
seeing if u know the truth,
but if u try to touch me,
i simply begin to fade away,
if you look into the shadow,
u will see a despaired weeping face,
the light is all mortals have,
for soon i will find a way,
to make it through all thats good,
and drive u slowly insane,
im there but u cant touch me,
or see me so ask your self am i there,
then u feel something touch you,
and u dont know exactly where,
reaping is what i do I steal,
your sanity your life your content shallow,
hope of knowing what u see is real,
I Am The Soul Of Shadow

find me and fade as i have inside



    The Cat In The Hat Comes Back

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My dream house...

It would have a mix of several things.....I can't decide between an old plantation house or a large appartment or condo in the city....

But either way, Lots of black and white and red, with other colors, but nothing bright.

My bedroom would be mostly black. Black, metal frame canopy bed with black gauzy curtains, red sheets and black spread, black carpet on the floor and cherry wood for my other furniture.

The rest of the house would have books everywhere, antiques, modern appliances, other things as they struck me. Ancient Egyptian and other ancient cultures would be represented as well.
just give me a minute, i'm thinking...

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