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Girl, 20 Killed Over Alleged Witchcraft

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P.M. News (Lagos)
February 10, 2004
Posted to the web February 10, 2004

Abimbola Adebayo

A 20-year-old girl, Nkiru Iruka, has been murdered by her cousin, ThankGod Ukwueze, 19, who accused her of witchcraft.

Investigations revealed that Nkiru was beaten to death with a pestle and later thrown down from the third floor of Block 15, 1004 Flats, Victoria Island, Lagos, where she resided with her uncle, Group Captain Okibedi.

P.M.News gathered that ThankGod and his friend, who carried out the dastardly act, had earlier smoked Indian Hemp and gulped several bottles of beer before they got home on the fateful day, 17 January, 2004.

It was learnt that trouble began when ThankGod asked Nkiru and another cousin, Iju Ike, to go and sleep, but should not lock the door.

P.M.News gathered further that at about 2 a.m. on the fateful day, ThankGod and his friend stormed Nkiru's room and tried to exorcise the witchcraft power in her by beating her with a pestle, shouting "holy ghost fire" and later threw her down from the third floor.

It was gathered that ThankGod and his friend, who were deported from the US had earlier blamed Nkiru for their fate. They allegedly accused her of using witchcraft power to cause their deportation from the US on 6 January, 2004.

On arrival, P.M.News gathered further that ThankGod immediately burst into tears and phoned his father, accusing Nkiru of being behind his problems. He vowed to deal with her, but his father warned him against that.

In her statement to the Police, Iju Ike said it took the intervention of neighbours before ThankGod was overpowered and arrested. She claimed that the suspect, who is currently being detained by the police, tried to kill her too, but she was saved by the intervention of neighbours.

The suspect, in his statement, denied killing the deceased.

He claimed not to have known what happened on the day in question. The matter would soon be taken to court.
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    Horton Hears A Who

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That's just...stupid as could be man. Crazy stuff....never had indian hemp..and I wont have it now...



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im sorry, but that pisses me off. im into the wiccan religion, have been for a long time. and yet, no one understands it, or will take the time to. they only understand whats in the movies. black cauldrons, big noses, and warts. they never get to know the rules. like the three fold rule. . . but whatever, im just rammbling now.



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thats just messed up and stupid.



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Not many will understand the religion we practice b/c they don't want to understand it at all. Or probably b/c they're too stupid to be able to operate that portion of their brain to comprehend that section of the world and accept the fact not everyone is a follower of the cross.

On the story.... it probably didn't help that he smoked indian hemp and got drunker than a skunk, but sad enough for me to say, I think the guy was planning something like that from the start b/c of his stupid little mind. *sighs* I better stop my comments while I'm ahead. *smirks*

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