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I need some help..

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Okay, to start off, thanks to anyone who reads this and responds.. I really need help, these are starting to get to me..

My ears have been pierced since I was 4. They've had issues through most of my life, but when I finally decided to go about gauging them they were doing better than they normally had.

I started off fairly slow.. mostly because my friend Nadean and I(we gauged together) had very little money, and were really just using random objects we found. She stopped doing it after awhile, but I continued. I continued a bit fast, I think.. but they seemed okay.

I normally cleaned my ears once a day, and I continue to do that. I got them up to a 0 gauge, and they had some small issues but were generally okay..

Recently I got a pair of acrylic claws that are 00 gauge. I slid them in.. and got the right side in within two days. On the left side I slid it in, but it hurt reeeeeaaaalllllyyy badly, so I took it back out. I got it back in a day or so later, then the earring fell out over night, and I had to go back to 0g for another day or two. When I finally got it in again, it was okay, and didn't hurt too much.

I've been cleaning my ears with a solution my sister got when she got her ears pierced.. and last night I used 50/50 water and listerine to clean them, from a suggestion on my deadjournal community. My ears are still icky and covered in.. well, ick...

Anyone here have any advice on that..?

And on a similar note, anyone know how much it should cost to get my labret pierced?



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sorry can't help you there.
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Yeah, as far as I know, what you're doing IS going to cause your ear to leak a funny yellowish liquid for quite some time while it is healing, and as long as your ear is stretching, I don't know how well it will heal. Plus, everone heals diffferently. When I got my tragus pierced, it was only supposed to take a month or two to fully heal, and it actually took a little over three.

I think your best place for learning about this stuff (aside from a repectable piercer) is probably www.BMEzine.com. As far as the cost of the labret, I have no idea. I doubt it's all that expensive. You'll probably spend more on healing supplies and jewelry costs than the actual piercing.
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