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The Knife Was The Tool

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    Hop On Pop

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The knife was the tool,
It’s hard to see the shimmering beast
The weapon that can make, the heart cease,
But through the blinding light, you’ll see
The knife was the tool
Look carefully, to spot it in the dimmed light,
Its blinding reflection of all that’s bad sitting there oh so bright,
The knife was the tool,
I bet the lonely boy could point it out just fine,
For he is the one that is now traced between a white chalk line,

Lonely Boy ridiculed and tormented,
All he needed was someone there, to listen when he vented,
Made fun of for his faults, although they were so small,
He never was able to respond, to his mothers loving call,
She had no need to worry, for nothing seemed wrong,
She reached the door with a loving hum, the tune of a happy song,
She wished to talk to her sun that day, to hear of all his fun,
She entered the room and saw the blood, and then she saw her son,
The scream was that of a mother dead,
Because upon the dresser there was a note that read,

“I love you so much,
And now I leave with an angels touch,
Don’t worry about me I have a guide,
An angel to lead me by his side,
The pain is finally gone,
I love you so much and you have done nothing wrong,
This is the way it had to be,
I want you to know I love you mommy?

But wait because my story is not at end,
This tragedy has a twist that was sure to impend,
Lonely Boy moves a tiny bit,
His mother franticly finds a place to sit,

“M-mother I love you,
Tell dad I love h-him to,
Mommy pl-please don’t cry,
You kn-know I wouldn’t l-lie,
But mother dearest I am afraid this is goodbye,
I am so s-sorry but now its time to die?

The knife was the tool,
The blood soaked everywhere,
The mother held her dead son and she cried until he wasn’t there.



    Hop On Pop

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Tell me what you think of my poem please

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