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On turning 40

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    I have a big light saber!

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Yes, on April 6th, I turned 40.

Somehow I thought when I hit the magical four oh I would finally grow up, the heavens will open to reveal the mystic truth of eternity, and I would finally understand Cocteau Twins songs...

Funny I thought much the same way when I turned 20, or 30. And always I keep forgetting that self realization is not a goal, it's a process.

So, here I am, waking up in this cold apartment in San Francisco, wondering what in the name of Luke Skywalker ever possessed me to post my dribble in this forum. I guess I just needed some room to air my frustrations...or increase my post count...

Yeah, I know there's gonna be very few members here, if any, that will know what I'm talking about...but that's OK. I'll cope as I always do....



    Green Eggs And Ham

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My 3 0 is in July, and I predict my birthday wake up will be much the same as what you have experienced. Hopefully I wont bask in reflective misery or glory or ponder the future. I will just go and get mega drunk and forget I got a year older :P



    Horton Hears A Who

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Forget about 'being' somenthing. Forget about 'knowing' and just live.

I tried to live up to my stupid standards, until I realized that I would never be the person I wanted me to be, because the person I wanted to be was what everybody else wanted me to be.

Pier, like you said. Getting through another year of life will do nothing to you. You are still you. Cherish the fact that that is true. I know I would probably die if I woke up and had all the anwsers to everything.

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