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Just a few of my insane ramblings....

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    Green Eggs And Ham

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I watch the Phantoms who perform thier opera under the blood red moon,
Or is it the emerald seas that glisten as we sink to the depths of the oceans floor...
I am but emotions trapped in a pen and felings are like chains, as I bind my spirit to this, the empty page...
It seems to be an enslaved utopia breaking free of the barriers of isolation,
And sweet redemption... breathed silently through a kiss..
I feel this, the blood red moon calling to me, beckoning my soul...
My spirit rises to touch the midnight clouds, as my mind drifts to the safety of the nights embrace....
I hear a noise in the distance and turn to see...another,
another spirit watching me...
Taking in my every movement
And seething in the shadows..
It seems rapture awaits, as my lifes' blood drains out the gaping wound
that was once said to be my heart...
breaking in silence, craving release...
I watch so closely, that I become unaware...
The cold mist covers me in a blanket of darkness
And this, the thorn in my side twists with an utter abandon...
A life time of solitary depression,
But only to be the Godess in this generation of hate, cruelty, wretched wrath, remorse, self pity... and all of what is hell...
This is my gift from My Morbid Angel...
Mine to bear forever...my only story to tell...
Slowly I will melt away with the snow, from this plain of euphoria...in which I, myself, would never know.
The sanctity of divinity is baptized in the righteousness of the night,
I shall let the fatigue and sorrow embrace me till the morrow...
As the Mothers gift of daytime illumination slips beyond the horizen...
Another sleepless night unfolds..
The country side stills as if painted by some magical quills....
and the unique beauty that we all must attest ...slowly lowering its burning eyes into the west...
And in the moon shines a glorious light,
to still the creatures whom dwell in the night....
In the darkness one can see...but it be by, a soft glow,
or the shmmering of a candle ,casting it's shadow below..
My Morbid Angel told me,
That genius can not be found in your pocket,
One should have more sense than to think so...
Its presence surrounds us,
Invades and flows outward,
We all lavish in the light that it brings...
Dare do we, to ignore the power it posesses,
blinding and prevailing truth...
Accept this vision that is locked in my heart,
or turn my head and face the dark...
My dangerous discoveries...
inherit the soul,
as responsibility blankets each choice...
I choose to see the beauty and discovery in even the smallest of things...
Untill all thats left are the filtered fragments..
And of all the discoveries,
only unfolded genius will remain...
All else eclipses...
We are only one...alone....so let me at your throat,
and in our soul...
Running by the blinding stars...past the evanescent galaxy that stands in our path...
My burden to bear forever,
So with my tears and with my death,
Shall bring this worlds happiness...
That is the gift My Morbid Angel brings,
My one and only story to tell...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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OKay Im a little bit fearful to post this one....I just wrote it and Im wondering if I have that writers block thing...but here is my latest purge...Im always up for constructive crititsizm....It's my first draft so be gentle....
Peace and Love,

Oh, I dont have a title for it...who need titles anyway huh...eh.

Lost in this unique yet gnarled space and time,
that is divided into the past, present and future...
My all dwells in an aching past that is full of thousands of storms and lightnings,
that have shattered the rotted wood of the bowing tree
The one by which my body lies broken...

Its sagging branches and tattered trunk,
I can hear its roots screaming as I ease my solemn soul back to its beginnings..
Your dear spirit has led me in such a dream that the mound of years that encase my thought and heart must surely now depart...

Trapped between the present and the future
a place beyond expression, beyond the angry summer rains...
Its basic, almost essential that the trunk grows weak, the roots rot, leaves decay...
Old everything must some day fall down and be dead
If for nothing but to break the strictures of our disesteem...

Yet I still stand, encased in a lair of which my mind creates for me
To torture and humilitate...as well as degredate
I can see the magic circling of birds in flight...
But it seems someone has lost me somewhere
somewhere between the rapture of pain,
and the hollowed stance of the night...

O, to face or even touch the day ahead,
Feeling it come over me without any dread..
To think I could look on with hope or maybe a little bit more
For now I sit and I stare...leaving myslef to rot as well...
Wondering how could I have almost been eased by the balm of the knowdledge
that you cared...
That you understood what I had borne, shorne even of self...
with which I am know to carry all...

I guess goodness will help me assess and refocus my strengths
In relation to my fate...to what has been
To what may or may not come to be my lot this time round....
Escape is futile...the mound of years that incase my thoughts and heart hinder me
from my escape... my boon of tears...
Its true.. How well You and your dear spirit led me on a dream....
I can only pray that maybe tomorrow I will wake up and face...
or even touch the day ahead...with hope
Or maybe even a little more...




    Green Eggs And Ham

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I am your invisible Angel in waiting, feeling your soul...
as the dewdrops touch fades in the morning light,
I am the ray that shines in your window
caressing your face..

I am the invisible body...that's sitting next to you...
When the breeze blows whispers in your ears,
you can try to touch me... but,
I'm afraid you wont feel me here...

I am the invisible mind...trying to find a way..
Breathing your every breath,
I feel this pain, the craving need,
Aching inside to let you know I'm here....waiting for you,
And feeling close to death....

I am the invisible soul, burning with intense passion,
Perhaps you can't see it...
but worry not, for all you have to do
is close your eyes and you will know
the love that haunts my heart is real.

I am the invisible eyes that see what you can not..
and love you in all you do
I see your hidden worry... and I know what you go through
I am the invisible ear, that hears all you have to say...
I hear you when you are in pain,
I hear you laugh,
I even hear you when you pray...

I love you and am with you always,
Invisible as I may be...
Feel me in the winds and know I'm there...
I hear you say goodnight as you lay your head to rest,
Your words span the miles and touch my most inner bieng...

I am the invisible hand thats holds yours when your alone....
To comfort and to console you when you are scared and cold
I am this invisible person, who needs you to see...
But then I remember...
No one can see me here,
no one that is, but me...

Your invisible Angel in waiting....



    Green Eggs And Ham

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The moonlight spills onto the broken heart of one lost soul
and the whisper of the night comes to call..
Screams of anguish go unheard
as one more lonely tear falls....
Lovers lay entwined in a haven of their own
The only sound is the beating of their hearts,
as two bodies become one...
The screams of anguish turn to sighs of pleasure,
as loves sweet taste, mingles in the air..
In a world filled with putricity,
the night holds only them...
No prying eyes to breach thier serenity
Not one, to deny them what they seek...
Only gentle touches, words are never spoken...
Two souls that see such passion,
No explinations are required...
The only need they share,
is filled with the others consulation
They wrap thier limbs in a comforting embrace,
for surely the sun will rise too soon...
But this spell will never be broken.
They reach in the sky and touch the stars,
grasping the moon beams in thier hands...
When the new day has begun and reality seeps in,
The dream is but nothing more than a faded memory..
A fragrance sharp and sweet
Forever these lovers will be together,
eternally in a rainbow,
against the amethyst sky...
For tonight there will be no tomorrow,
and yesterday has never been...
There is only this, right here..one moment.
to stop and taste the paradise...
The love and devotion inhabits this radiant eves' breeze
and the mist will lift,
letting the sweet song of the sparrows set them free....
Ah, the pain we all take to silence the crying
As the daylight spills onto the breaking heart of one lost soul,
and the screaming of the new day begins....



    Green Eggs And Ham

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She walks in the breeze, flowing in the
ethereal beauty of the prescient dreams
Where crystaline gems of sand glimmer on the shores...
She's searching for something she will never find
Looking thru the eyes of a dragon...

Blood and pain and innocence entrapping her soul...
Then a hand on a heart whilst one wresled in sleep
took the price of the effluent pulse, in her measure to keep
She is wearing a mask with the beauty of the rain smiling as an angel
She's awakening in the stillness, intent on her quest...

Beautiful smiles in the rain,
and all the while still free...
dancing about, singing the song of sin
To be the one who laughs or cries,
the one who aches with sorrow from a pain so deep within

She has created it for herself...
But only to have someone kiss her heart and love her wounds
to be the savage and ache for her pain...
What meaning? what purpose..what regret...

To be she...
beyond the ability to sense danger or finality,
The freedom and the power of the omnipotence...
the one who carries her soul alone
to a place within to search, for that love she held so deep
A glimpse into nightfall...
Let go the poison hand and fleeting visions
In a wrap of blood an stone its too late,
She knows the masquerade has taken control
And now on this day she will face it alone...




    Green Eggs And Ham

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This is my life, this is my hell
as I pace these halls
trapped in this, my empty cell...
an eternal state of dispair

I take myself on a spectacular voyage
sailing the seas of my minds eye..
Only to stop and realize where reality has placed me
This..the godess of pain
Sombody please, please take it all away....
Just take me by surprise
for this life I live, shall only be buried in the grave
that I can not deny...

I fight to be me
A person I dont even want to be
A coward I am, I cant take the pain,
or a coward am I for not taking it away?
On my own...a coward....a weak dove...

This is my life, this is my hell
As I pace these halls in my empty cell...
Trapped in eternal silence
this endless state of dispair...
Someone blow my fucking head off and release me from this torture
before I begin to care...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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An ocean that is dammed is damned,
as waves of melancholy kisses lap at the empty shore....
I sit, I watch, I stare.
I say, never, that the door is closed.....
Behind it I will always be
A ray of once bright light that has broken like a heart
With the loss of a memory....
I wrap your heart in my spirit and surrender my soul to invade your life with love.....
Though not to capture you, or your essence
for it is free, but to enhance everything I know and love of you....
I will no longer dwell in my eyes....
Ones which fed a lonely beast.
Restless stirs the cage and the lock says, Never.
Never this, that, door is closed...
Inspite of the delusion that I simply become a part of you....
I know you have the wisdom to feel me as merely an
extension of the love and glory that dwells within you...
An Ocean that is dammed is damned...
as waves of melancholy kisses lap at the empty shores..
This door is never closed.....Please know..this door is never closed...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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Your Tormenting Dream

Smile, and don't believe....But you must know...
I will wake from this dream...
Don't turn out the lights,
This truth drives me to madness.
dont' try to hide... or close your eyes,
while tears are blinding mine.

I go away, inside myself...
This rampent chaos seems to be my reality
Screaming, bleeding, decieving, defeated,
Maybe this time I'll wake up and be alive...
All of your dreams will just leave you here,
Tattered and worn, laying on the floor...
Am I safe in your arms?
or safe inside myself,
holding on to this, my one last breath,
to live...

I stare in wonder as your pretend...
Don't try to see me anymore , I'm not there.
The rivers I have cried ..they sweep me away....
Dont try to hide,
no need to turn out the lights
This time I will save myelf,
Just close your eyes...
Smile, and don't believe...but you must know,
I will wake from this dream...

Will time release this torture I feel,
or has my fate blinked again?
My once pleasent dreams...
have slowly turned to nightmares....
This pain is far too real..
I pull the rhymes of lullabyes from my shattered life
To calm my soul and ease my mind...
But all thats left of yesterday still remains.....
Its been left behind..

Don't hold on to me I can not stay
Did you hear me?
I am not afraid!
Who can decide for what to dream...
or live,or breath...or feel
I have to be safe inside myself,
holding on to me...
I lay inside my own soul,
letting this darkness take its hold....
I give in to its rapture,
and feel safe in side me ...again
I'm swallowed deep ...
But, haunted bye the memory of what was lost..
what could have never remained.

In the darkness you will never have me...
Just smile and dont believe,
But you must know...
I will wake from this dream....
Wounds this deep may never heal..
I'm falling into the reality of watching and wanting,
But, I will never be broken again...

Sleeping and dreaming, a perpetual reality...
Created inside of myself....
to escape or simply to remain?
Falling...all this time I've been alone inside...
you cannot save me, you are not real....
The lingering presence of our world once lost,
still remains...
But never was and will never be.

Dont bother to turn out the lights.....
dont try to see me,
dont waste your cares....
Go ahead....close your eyes,
because, I'm not there.....
Smile and dont believe....but you must know..
I have awaken,
from this, your tormenting dream...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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If empathy swallows disgust, than dispair has to eat passion...
The collective unconcious of the whole is ending, but always beginning
An icy mystic reveals intimate feelings of rage and mistrust,
A sensual push...
elapsed between the hunger of desire and fright
Quenched yet aching,
released deep within the agony of remembrance
Visions of silken exctasy whisper her name and violate her mind
Scattered obsessions blur,
confused and conformed...
Consumed by the shivering flesh overtaking her body,
her heart,her soul...
A lustfull quiver,releasing the hidden torment and craving
The moist touces of perpetual love,
dreaming and seeing and feeling,
Exactly what she needs...
Let us touch the shattered glass that penetrates her existance,
Engulfed again in the mirror that is resting on her angel's wing...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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In The reflection of the blue light moon,
I transfer my identity if ever so inflicted,
To this tragic illusion of night...
Transposing itself onto my waters reflection...
The brilliant radience of the moment captures me,
It pierces my soul and holds me...
Conquering me in this unrealistic but necessary voyage,
Resisting ...
Yet giving myself entirely, I relentlessly undertake..
Happening but not,
I am engulfed...
For each second of my absent yet totally meaningfull existance...
And as always I am abandoned in reality....



    Green Eggs And Ham

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:) Thank you very much Tozzy...but know that no one is better than another...
In my view at least..
Here is another one, shorter.
Not sure if I like it but will post it none the less...
If only for the meaning to me.
Thank you again :)


See my tears, feel your rain,
I sit empty, listening to the delicate drops
that saturate my soul...
Stepping out into the blackness to feel the steady pace
of the rain pelting down on my upturned face...
Fighting for the vision, the truth
Just one glimpse of the moon...

Soothing as the rain is,
Never will this darkness lift
One more lonley tear falls,
but to be obliterated in the sensation of the pouring rain
Blending into one...My tears, Your rain

Beauty never rests and love doesn't age,
but mine, sadly..begins to fade
Tangled into the searching of a soul who understands
Engulfed in these night showers...
See My tears, feel Your rain

Laying myself in his desolate grave
His heart is my isolation
My only redemtion...
What was left of mine has been given away
I dont want it back
Where it is, it must remain...
If nothing else but for him to see my tears,
And to finally feel my Beautiful Rain...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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Okay, someone told me yesterday that my poetry was not to be called work and that it was elementary and comparable to Anthrax..LoL...well, me bieng the person with the low self esteem...I need to know if this is true or just a spitefull comment from someone who doesnt know shit???...
For those of you who do grace my thread with your presence let me know...if its not up to the standards of this forum then I will request my thread be deleted...
Just looking for imput..



    And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street

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Beautiful Mourning, wonderful work. I envy you..



    Green Eggs And Ham

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Thank you so very much DD...I really appreciate those words coming from such a talented person as yourself..*Hugs*
Thank you :)

This is my latest poem, if you could call it that. :blink:

My only Window....

When I see paradise ...
it's only peering thru some random window
But to look down and see the wicked rage
thats waiting for me outside...
Laughing with one eye,
Crying with the other...
An autumn blue feeling crosses my mood,
yet again today...
I can't help but ponder this thought....
My wonder is in, that I don't think anyone quite realizes
Just how desperate and lonely the dark can actually be...
It isn't so much the silence thats deafaning,
that can always be masked by music or voices
It's not even in the blackness of itself,
For with time the eyes do adjust to anything...
The emptiness holds no blaze that shall ever be able to warm
Buried too deep within, it's never to be attained...
Yes, in this darkness I find the realization,
Never will I be warm
I am dying from the cold
For those who could warm us all,
they choose destructivness...
they set their blazes amiss
Behind the eyelids, in the minds eye,
by the light of the tilted moon ,
I clearly recognize the soul who stirkes my bow..
His tunes merging into my melodies...
A throbbing heart feels my beats...counts them.
As I escape, flying away on his dragons wings...
Opened eyes, gone from sight,
Just as silently as I embraced the night....
No footsteps
No sound
Silent, cold, damp, empty, dark...dead
Shivering with the dreams as they die..
Naked and alone
Hoping when I see my paradise,
Peering thru some random window.
Instead of the rage that fills this world,
I see me...
Dying from the cold
Never would I take with me the hope of setting an eternal flame for all....
Shaking off the thoughts of the past..
That will surely not die with me.
Slowly, softly...I close my eyes
And into the beautiful world in which I have made for myself,
inside my soul
I go...
Laughing with one eye,
And crying endlessly with the other...




    And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street

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It's the truth...and Another beautiful work of art from Kim Kim...I love your work baberz. Nice one along with the others.



    Green Eggs And Ham

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Thank you Hun...I really appreciate you reading and replying to my work...
*Big Hugs* :)

Here's another one...I actually thought of a title for this one! :blink:


People don't realize life while they're living it..
The eternal silence beyond the grave but reflects it in their eyes
Perpetual love and soul searching has become a never ending task
The people stand before me
Knowing what I ask..
But the answers they bestow unto me
all but melt into the midnights breeze...

I'm left standing, deaf, mute, and alone
They leave behind only the silent swaying of the trees
The screaming...
Lost in a distant dream
Can you hear the screaming yet?
In the dead of the night, I feel the truth arising...
I feel it
It comes forth...
One bieng, one heart
From one wallowing, self-doubting soul...

Existance is futile as one rambling soul embraces the other
The bowls of the night rise up to capture the shamed,
The naked, the alone...
Trying to make the pain go away,
The blade penetrates the flesh...

The suffocation of it is unbearable
Numb and cold
Feelings only fading,
Someone still screaming,
Are they never to be found?
Is it your silent screams that have forced this putrid fate,
unto this, our world?
Or is it mine?

Every path I travel leads me to nowhere and my vision is gone
Hopelessly blurred by blood and tears
The screaming again...
Can you hear them this time?
It's imperative to know that they come from somewhere..
Are we all just one shrieking soul,
in this, the selfish illusion of a tortured sanity,
waiting to die?

Sounds in the distance begin to become coherant
And reality blurs as I watch the only signs of life be
obliterated by the last savage shreds of humanity...
The awaiting darkness begins to course through my viens
The heat of this seduction leads me to believe,
I wont have the strength to walk away..to carry on
I fall to my knees...

It surrounds me...blankets me
Even the wieght of your breath on my neck causes me so much pain
You wont ever realize...
All of my fears are falling around me
A sickness thats eating me alive
From the inside out...
Can you feel this....It's yours
It's the decaying wound that opens up all your hate

I stop, alone...
I merely touch you, and in it, I give to you all of my pain..
Bare your throat, open your soul
It's yours now, you can't resist, take it
For I will never have it back.

We scream..the intensity dying
You are alone...inside of me..
where no one can hear you again
I fall deeper into my own dark oblivion,
I find my refuge...
Another pain to add to a lost soul
One that this time may never heal

Open your eyes now..
See me
For I wont have you deny me,
My very last attempt at this
My dillusional insanity...

*edit due to the whole typo demon thing* ;)

Edited by Weeping_Angel, 31 May 2004 - 11:37 PM.



    Green Eggs And Ham

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But not too deeply, for you may take in the pain of the night
They may see you....These searching desperate eyes
The lonely wrenching cries...
Echos of screams rage through the tortured trees that block my vision.
I think its them causing this grief..
They know its me, writhing in the corner of the dark moon lights beam,
I am the cause of the broken dreams, naked and unseen

But not so loud as it drowns out the fear and insanity.
Perhaps I just need another glass of wine...
That way I can sit here and master this, my wasted mind
Scratching to escape this sarcophagus of hell that has incomboured my soul.
Fighting against all that is me...so I can live
So I can simply be.

But not too hard, for to complete the task is heaven then hell..
Reach, grasp, lift, sigh, ultimately, inevitably deny
Each second immense, must that it is to be felt...
Unfinished is hell neverending...
Begging for comfort and finding none,
It matters not in which direction I run.

But not too long,
Go On...feel, for here is your time, to think, reflect..
Wake to a dream that was never real, dont look to me,
for it is I, who can not, nor be givin the chance to heal.
Burn a bed of roses on my death bed...
But dont forget the Orchid that is to be placed on my heart.
As I will find my peace In this very small gift.

But not so much that you can't feel the beauty
of the Mournings' soul, the gentleness of its touch
Know that the vital organ that is said to be my heart secures
the longevity of true love that shall never, in my mind depart.
As tired as It is...the beats are still heard.
Is there time to evolve to the next willing and loving hand?
To once again assert the pain of the ultimate sorrow and death.
Sweat mingled with tears as I grasp at my last breath.

But not to your demise,
Let it be my love and tenderness, gentle spirit, patient and kind
be what is remembered of me after a time.
Life without love... is misery
Love without life is nothing,
I may not be living....
Though through great effort of emotion,
I'm not dead yet...



    Green Eggs And Ham

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Kindof a tribute to my Mother...on the day she gave birth to me.
Very raw poems...not quite like any others I write.
Simplistic is how I like to state the work of that time.
Anyway...this is not for me ..it's for her.

My Reflection...

The world was so very big,
and I was so small
But I felt safe with you...
The love and security you gave me then,
are still within me this day...
So even though we're not together,
Your presence is felt in every way...

So much of what I am today,
I know I learned form you...
So much of what I do and say,
of what I think and feel...
I look in the mirror, and see a reflection of you

My memories of you are of times when you shared,
Times when you listened and showed how much you really cared.
My memories of you are the most beautiful part,
Of the love that I hold for you
deep in my heart...

I know that God fills the lives of Mothers with blessings
from above....so that we can share with others his caring
and his love...
But, I cant help but ponder..
My Mother...why he took you so soon?

But Because I love and miss you so much
and know of your desires,
I shall say a special prayer...
That the Lord continues to bless you
and keep you in his care...
Allthough I ache to see you,
and need you in my life...

I look up and see the butterfly and know your never far,
for the memories of you that make me smile
Live on forever...
buried deep within my heart...

Thank You...

Thank you Mom, for the words you spoke,
while catching the tears I was crying...
Even though I didn't always win the race,
You were so very proud of me for trying...

Thank you Mom, for the open arms,
that chased away my fears...
For the loving embrace of a mother,
can make the whole world seem to disappear...

Thank you Mom, for the many tears that you shed on my behalf,
and for pretending that my silly jokes
always somehow made you laugh...

Thank you Mom, for the guidance,
through my eighteen years of growing...
Though clearly not enough time to give to me your all,
You still somehow molded the way I would live my life
without my ever knowing...

Thank you Mom, for your patience
and your understanding all along...
All those years I thought I was always right,
and you were always wrong...

Thank you Mom, for teaching me the most valuable lesson
I would ever learn...
That you can love someone with everything,
and expect nothing in return...

Silently, one by one in the infinate meadows of Elysium,
Blossoms the lovely stars...
The forget-me-nots of the Angels...
~May you Rest In Eternal Peace~



    Green Eggs And Ham

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I dont know why I keep posting poems...maybe someone, somewhere will benifit from them. I don't know.
Anyway, here's another...

Dirty lips~
You really should take off that mask your wearing,
before it digs you your grave...
I've walked amungst the masses,
Watched and waited..all the while wanting...
Taking in every breath
All I can see is your screaming face,
my blood mixed with your tears...
You make me feel so small,
But not to my knees again...you wont pull me down,
I've looked away,
The pain..it's no more
I don't feel a thing for you at all
Only now is it that I sense my wings,
the ones you tore out and broke apart...
How do you expect an angel to fly,
with broken wings?
It can't be done...
I'm sickened and saturated by your steaming lies and dirty lips
See me now, for you've become my prey..
Watch me, stalk you...
You'll find that I wont die so easily
Dont look down on me, seek that in yourself
Or you may find the dirt in your face
and decaying of what was said to be your flesh,
quite beyond the realm of your wildest nightmares.
And yes, you may take this as the deepest of threats
You wont put me to my knees again,
It wont be done.
Dont you even try...for in the end
you will be alone in your regret,
It is I, who will be free...

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i loved that one...makes me reminisce...

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