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My old poetry

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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I haven't written anything in years, but Kryson suggested I post two of my old poems here.

Darkened Soul

Out of the darkness, into the light
Here I have come to show you delight
Into the darkness, out of the light
Come with me now and know only fright

This is my kingdom, it's my domain
Forever here, your soul shall remain
Into the light, out of the darkness
Now and forever, I cast your dead carcass

There in the light, your body shall lie
But here in my darkness, your soul shall never die
Forever in darkness, your soul shall scream
Never to awaken, from this nightmarish dream

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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I am not that nice

My heart is black, my soul ash grey
If you upset me now, you had better pray
I am angry with life, yet embrace cold death
Run and scream from me, now draw your last breath
My blade is sharp, the steel cold as ice
To kill you quickly, I am not that nice

While you run in fear, you run quite blindly
I strike into you, not at all kindly
My blade bites deeply, now feel your blood
Spout from your chest, like a crimson flood
You scream and lurch, as if to die
Unkind as I am, I will not lie
My blade is sharp, the steel cold as ice
To kill you quickly, I am not that nice

Though bleeding and tattered, your body still stirs
I bandage and heal you, I wrap you in furs
Now we start again, again you run in fear
The sweet taste of fright, makes on stare and leer
My blade is sharp, the steel cold as ice
Why kill you quickly, when I can kill you twice?



    Horton Hears A Who

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You're so brilliant your work should be shared. :) I've always loved your work and you're even better at prose. I'm jealous of your talent. Always have been. So... write with me again! :)
Someday he will be the death of me.



    Horton Hears A Who

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Your so good.... I like it very much.. It really relate to my sister it discribe her and me a lil.. I like it alot good job. :D

Enki Anunaki

Enki Anunaki

    Necromancer Extraordinaire

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word, shroud...nice to see the work of another mrobidly twisted individual...we are not alone...



    Horton Hears A Who

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I've welcomed those of old i welcome you as well to the world of poetry nice name
Crash my black into blue,
this eternity that ripps my soul into two,
hear my wretched fouling words of death,
through this ecstatic strifing crystal meth.

look at me im the shadow,
that comes from behind you,
i test your minds sanity,
seeing if u know the truth,
but if u try to touch me,
i simply begin to fade away,
if you look into the shadow,
u will see a despaired weeping face,
the light is all mortals have,
for soon i will find a way,
to make it through all thats good,
and drive u slowly insane,
im there but u cant touch me,
or see me so ask your self am i there,
then u feel something touch you,
and u dont know exactly where,
reaping is what i do I steal,
your sanity your life your content shallow,
hope of knowing what u see is real,
I Am The Soul Of Shadow

find me and fade as i have inside

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