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Brief ramblings, but good ones.

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    All 7 Sins, and about to be your eighth

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"Hold fast to dreams... for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly..."

I grew up looking at that quote on a poster in my parents basement, excellent words to live by.

We have so little control over anything in the world we live in, that we should at least have control of ourselves. If you have dreams, grab them and run with them and do whatever it takes to get to them, else they'll never be anything more than dreams... people can come up with myriads of excuses to not go for something, to not reach out and grab hold of a dream and run with it, (just ask me, I've got plenty that I've used before)...even with all the excuses in the book "well this happened, well that came up.." -- It still boils down to that you simply didn't put in effort towards making that dream come true for you. Doesn't matter how many external interferences there are in life, if you want something bad enough you'll work for it.

Want motivation? Look around you at people, and how they live... look at people that you'd like to live "like" ...and look at people that you *definitely* don't want to live like. Do I know that by grabbing my dream and running with it will end up in specifically the result I'm aiming for? No, I don't. but if I don't grab it and run with it, then I'll only ever do what I'm doing now... (everybody take a minute and think about what you're doing now) ...and I know that's not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I know some of you are older and already have your lives underway... but it applies to all walks of life. :)

P.S. do I sound like mother theresa when I lecture? lol I got told I sound like mother theresa when I get started..hehe... I can't help that I'm heavensent!!! *winks*

Much love...

{Water} "Sin is the epitome of the seven deadly sins... she can drive a man to do all of them."

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