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Just how i was fealing the other day

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I dont wright. never have, never was any good at it. But something was tugging at me the other day and I wrote it down. no idea why. no idea why Im wrighting it here. Perhaps its a release.

Comming to terms.

He's found someone new. A year and a half they've been together. Two years without him... I miss him so. I miss holding hands. Hugging. Snuggling. Knowing that someone cares for me. No one dose you know. Care I mean. People can think that they do, but no one dose. Im so alone. So tyred. I wish I could fall asleep. Sleep and never wake up...

... Im never lonley in my dreams.
Take me home.... Im delicious!!



    I know this because Mattom knows this.

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I love the last sentence.
I love mankind, it's people I can't stand.

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