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Nicolette Coer- Prose

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Um. Yes. Hello. I'll start with the most recent peice I have- it's very short, but eh.

Breaking of Submission
Rated: PG-13/R
Type: Original Short Fiction (Prose)

It was a dark humid night.

Not that our flesh helped any. No, instead we generated sweat in the darkness, in our recklessness. Hands caressing, moving over endless stretches of skin, lips suckling like perverted kittens mewling for blood. I could feel your sickly breath on my flesh, and my skin crawled at first.

My body took control, my mind no longer able to concieve of the melding of flesh. At once you were under me, your eyes gone wide and shocked as I suddenly became powerful and all together awful. I snarled like a she-wolf and loamed like an empress over your mortal flesh, biting and scratching and drawing blood, making you pay for all of your kind. For every bruise that your long, bone-like fingers squeased into my neck, you had matching ones, for every scratch, you bled. You watched as I became whole in a fury loaned to me by my ancestors, as I ravenged my master's playround. I listened to your shrieking, your crying, your moaning, and cared not for what words you spoke nor weither they were of pleasure or pain, but instead dwelled in the power I held in me as I was over you.

When it was over, and the unnatural power left my heart, my limbs, my womb, after the shuddering of flesh and the wanton swareing of oaths, I collapsed, wholly spent. My Flesh held no energy, as any energy I had held had gone into channeling that punnisher that lay within. It had left when the mind left, the body became temproarily immortal, and the submission was broken.

You later told me in hushed early morning tones that it was what you had waited for, what you knew I was under the relentless submission, under the guise of masochism. That I was the empress, the master, the Sadist who knew myself more intimately then I dared voice. That only through the breaking, could I become the worthy consort, to reign beside you in the dark humid nights


er, yeah. any Crit?




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OHHHHH SHE HAS MY NAME! o.- but im Nikolette ^_^ an italian name turned American, awful isnt it?

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