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Bin Laden's Message

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Friday, October 29, 2004 Posted: 10:05 PM EDT (0205 GMT)

(CNN) -- Osama bin Laden delivered a new videotaped message which aired on the Arab language network Al-Jazeera Friday. This is a transcript of his remarks as translated by CNN senior editor for Arab affairs Octavia Nasr.

You, the American people, I talk to you today about the best way to avoid another catastrophe and about war, its reasons and its consequences.

And in that regard, I say to you that security is an important pillar of human life, and that free people do not compromise their security.

Contrary to what [President George W.] Bush says and claims -- that we hate freedom --let him tell us then, "Why did we not attack Sweden?" It is known that those who hate freedom don't have souls with integrity, like the souls of those 19. May the mercy of God be upon them.

We fought with you because we are free, and we don't put up with transgressions. We want to reclaim our nation. As you spoil our security, we will do so to you.

I wonder about you. Although we are ushering the fourth year after 9/11, Bush is still exercising confusion and misleading you and not telling you the true reason. Therefore, the motivations are still there for what happened to be repeated.

And I will talk to you about the reason for those events, and I will be honest with you about the moments the decision was made so that you can ponder. And I tell you, God only knows, that we never had the intentions to destroy the towers.

But after the injustice was so much and we saw transgressions and the coalition between Americans and the Israelis against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, it occurred to my mind that we deal with the towers. And these special events that directly and personally affected me go back to 1982 and what happened when America gave permission for Israel to invade Lebanon. And assistance was given by the American sixth fleet.

During those crucial moments, my mind was thinking about many things that are hard to describe. But they produced a feeling to refuse and reject injustice, and I had determination to punish the transgressors.

And as I was looking at those towers that were destroyed in Lebanon, it occurred to me that we have to punish the transgressor with the same -- and that we had to destroy the towers in America so that they taste what we tasted, and they stop killing our women and children.

We found no difficulties in dealing with the Bush administration, because of the similarities of that administration and the regimes in our countries, half of which are run by the military and half of which are run by monarchs. And our experience is vast with them.

And those two kinds are full of arrogance and taking money illegally.

The resemblance started when [former President George H.W.] Bush, the father, visited the area, when some of our own were impressed by America and were hoping that the visits would affect and influence our countries.

Then, what happened was that he was impressed by the monarchies and the military regimes, and he was jealous of them staying in power for tens of years, embezzling the public money without any accountability. And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act, under the disguise of fighting terrorism. And Bush, the father, found it good to install his children as governors and leaders.

We agreed with the leader of the group, Mohammed Atta, to perform all attacks within 20 minutes before [President George W.] Bush and his administration were aware of what was going on. And we never knew that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his people in the two towers to face those events by themselves when they were in the most urgent need of their leader.

He was more interested in listening to the child's story about the goat rather than worry about what was happening to the towers. So, we had three times the time necessary to accomplish the events.

Your security is not in the hands of [Democratic presidential nominee John] Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Any nation that does not attack us will not be attacked.

So how do you respond to a kind of statement like that?
Kerry and Bush said the same thing - America is unified against terrorism, and will hunt down and kill them.

Personally, when a presidential candidate talks about hunting down and killing someone, that makes me wonder about a thing or two.

Now, the candidates are appealing to the American sense of security - If any of them gave any leeway to Bin Laden, then he may as well have said goodbye to the votes.

Is it too farfetched to say that perhaps Bin Laden is right about one thing? That the best way for America to be secure is to stop upsetting the security of other nations? Personally, when I look at Iraq, I don't see new friends of America. I see people who are a little angry that we forced our way of life/government onto them. A similar thing that was done to Native Americans, so many years ago.
Bin Laden suggests that Americans say no to invasions, and occupations. He says that doing that will make them safer. Bin Laden says, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.
Bush and Kerry feel that by killing Bin Laden, America is safer. They say, if you leave them alone, then it leaves them time and freedom to attack again.
Bin Laden says, if you attack them, they will retaliate.
Bush and Kerry say that if you attack them, you will eradicate them.

A lot of it depends on each person - if they feel that some people are innately evil, then the only way to stop a problem is to kill the person they see behind it.
However, if they feel that people are not perceivably evil without some reasoning behind it, then they feel that you have to make sure you are not conflicting with another's interests without good cause.

The lines between all of these are very blurry. The only way to be certain of something is to see it all for yourself. In a world so vast, it is impossible, and we must then rely on other sources for our information. Truth is never a sure thing on a grand scale. (Just look at Ashlee Simpson last weekend on SNL: Check www.collegehumor.com to see her failed lip-syncing attempt).



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A couple of things here:

1: Bin Laden is trained by the US military forces to fight the russian army in afghanistan.

2: The case of the palastines, my nephew was there during the war in the beginning of the 80ies as a commando, and the times he talks about the events, all the surrounding people do not want any pallastine as a neighbour. (the surrounding countries are glad to have Israel as a bufferzone)

3: "If you leave us alone, we will leave you alone" perfect statement to make sure you will be able to perform any form of crime and then tell "but we didn't do it to you, so it isn't bad at all" and get away with it. Justice (if i may call it that) doesn't work in that way.


We fought with you because we are free, and we don't put up with transgressions. We want to reclaim our nation. As you spoil our security, we will do so to you.

Bin Laden has no county, he was banned from Saudi Arabia. Being the son of a very whealthy building organization he had/has enough resources to keep himself supplied with everything he needs. His nation, as he states later in the message that he fights for, is Libanon and Palastine. With that i share him in the same group of liars and deceivers as Jasser Arafat (claims to be ruler of the palastines, but is born in Cairo - Egypt) who is reported to be a completely different person among his "own" people than he appears in the media.

So far my comments at this, Bin Laden is a very well educated rethorical speaker, and no doubt that he did spend a lot of time on this speach to make sure there are no gaps to be found that will prove him to be wrong, or evil, but will put the blame on everyone else.

The translation as i see it:

"It [9/11] is not my fault, the americans gave permission to someone else to fight someone i am not even remotely related to, and therefore they have to be punished. I repeat, i didn't want to do it, but i did it anyway. Leave me alone, or we will do it again"

I don't know if we see the end of thissoon, but i hope things will work out with the least possible number of casualties.


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Originally from a Neil Gaiman cd, so i might suffer from all the things mentioned above.



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All very valid points. Thank you for your input Dirk.

I don't like Arafat, but I do find one thing he said about religious wars to my liking: "You're basically fighting over who has the better imaginary friend."

Anyone else got something to say about it? Input welcome!

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