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Battle of the narrative poets...

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    Swords are fun

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Okay here's the idea, considering this will be my last post o nthis account. How about we have all the talente dpoets out there have a competition of sorts. Sortof like pass on the story people play. I'll start (all poems must be narrative) - (don't care if it's an old poem but more interesting if you make it up as ya go...)

I'll start, and will join back in again as "Aphotic"..

I have a story to tell; I'll let it unfold.
Be ready to be gripped, find something to grab hold.

I have a story about love, life, and humourus situations no doubt.
If you want others to hear, then we must SHOUT!

I'll start off with diego, a warrior of heart.
He is in a plain of grey, a great place to start.

Life is in the bums, he has depression to fight.
The lightnening shatters across the sky, making quite a sight.

Tears grow on his face as he thinks of what he has lost.
Anger wells in his heart as his allows his emotions to frost.

Maybe death will follow him, maybe others will laugh.
He glares at the sky, daring it to rain what it hath.

I leave him in his drunken stupor, to let you finish this story,
His life in your hands, his future ahead will most likely be gory.

He sits and waits for another, another to bother.

To finish his his fate, to end his hate.

(Someone else go ahead)-(be creative)
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Ill go second with the matters,
the never ending stories the unflod,
Ill go on to tell his fate
his hate he holds inside
Ill further more tell of his pain
the questions hes asked so many times
he go an wander off alone
sometimes asking himself whyhe always looked first
before he leaped
always scared of the danger
never took a chance in life
always thought twice about his life
always carefull, no matter what

to be continued
this is all i cant write..sorry....

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