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What has music inspired you to do?

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For those that know me, you've already heard this story, but for those who don't, let me share a little about where I got my start DJing.

A number of years ago there was a larger band by the name of Ben Folds Five that performed a popular song by the name of 'Brick' (yes, yes, I know that this is not the kind of music that I play, but bear with me here). I saw them live in concert back in 1998 at the first concert I'd ever been to. The show was great, as I expected it to be, and in a way it brought me to like music a little more.

Skipping to a few years later... Six months before I started DJing, I was fortunate enough to go to a Ben Folds concert with a friend of mine. Now, note that I said Ben Folds and not Ben Folds Five. You see, the band broke up quite some time ago, and the lead man, Ben Folds, went on independently to do his own shows.

Instead of a massive crowd of people filling an arena, this was a smaller show of only about eight hundred people. However, as small as this show was, there was something very distinctly different about it vs. the other show. The people there were real fans, they weren't just people along for the ride. Having eight hundred of those kinds of people at any show is quite a feat to accomplish. Ben Folds himself seemed a lot more casual as well. He didn't seem like he was anyone that had ever been a star. It was just a guy in a t-shirt and jeans, sitting there playing the piano for everyone who showed up.

In the truest sense of the word, Ben Folds had become *just* a musician. His name got him the audience he wanted, so he didn't need to market himself anymore. He wasn't selling anythig to anyone; he wasn't trying to portray a certain kind of image; he was just playing the music he wrote with no bullshit to try to make the crowd go crazy. The talking he did between songs seemed more like conversation with the audience than it was giving a speech, and the show was more enjoyable than any other I've been to thus far.

After the show it wasn't very difficult for me (before I had any affiliate with any radio station) to go up to him and just talk to him in person. It is a very rare occasion that you get to see both sides of someone that has been in the spotlight, and that one lucky glimpse I got was enough to get me interested in music enough to want to be able to play the songs that might not be the biggest hits of the week, but instead the songs that give people something to think about and maybe even be inspired by.

So, here's my question to everyone: what has music inspired you to do throughout the course of your life (whether it be something profound, or something very small)?
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An Ichor Kiss

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This may sound a bit odd considering where the song came from, but a while back in early 1997, Konami released a game called Vandal Hearts, this was when I was about ten years old, avvidly addicted to flashy pixel at the touch of my hands, well, controller. But the theme sound found its way into my brain, and sparked to life my love and passion for music. Long story short, a little video game theme song is the reason why half my harddrive is packed with music and Im still trying to beef up the hard drive space on my Mp3 Player.

Since then, music has had a remarkable affect on my life, be it little songs to make me re evaluate my life, or be greatful for what I have. Or perhaps long for something I dont. I cant recall who said it, but " Music is the soundtrack of our lives. "

And for me, thats true, every little song inspires different emotions, they can set the mood, make you feel alive. Even certain emotions and feelings can trigger what song you have in your head. Music plays a large role in our culture, that is for sure.
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    and i build off road trucks
Music has inspired me in many ways. in fact i'd almost say that my life is based around music. Music is what got me started writing, music is what got me started in poetry. because of my love for music i was in a band. for the same love i'm trying to get that band back together. because of musice i started writing poetry as a means of venting. it's because of musice that i learned to play guitar, bass guitar, and drums. and finally it's because of my love of music, that i'm here today

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I've loved music since the tender age of 5. I remember always watching MTV (back when it wasn't all about Bling Bling, or TRL) when I was 5, just sitting there watching bands like Devo, and Duran Duran. I might not of understood what I was watching, but it still sparked my interest later on.

Later on I got into Rap music (because I grew up in the hood G, and that's all my childhood friends listened to at the time). And I'd listen to LL Cool J, and Public Enemy. I guess I could sort of relate to what they were talking about. But not fully. Rap inspired me to write poetry believe it or not. Heh.

My prays were answered in 1991, by a band called "Nirvana". Yes I know everyone I run into hates Nirvana. But I wouldn't ask anyone to like them, and I always preferred it that way. But yea Nirvana was a huge influence on me. I found something I truely identified with. Kurt Cobain showed me it was ok that I wasn't huge and bulky, or calling women bitches or sluts, treating them like mindless pieces of sex meat.
I didn't have to fit in with everyone. And yea I was inspired to want to play guitar and form a band too. But you grow out of it when you realize your band isn't making it, people think you suck, and you have to pay the bills somehow. But I don't care, I still write music, for myself. And when I die, I am having it written in my Will that all my recorded songs MUST be played through their entirety at my funeral. ;-)

Did I have point? I dunno, hehe. It's in there somewhere. Oh well whatever nevermind... heheh



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Like scypher, music is what got me into writing, that's the very condensed version. Now for the detailed account. I have always loved listening to music, at a very young age I listened to country. As all little kids are, I was greatly influenced by my sister and parents on my tastes in music, so I shamefully admit that I used to listen to backstreet boys. Then I started feeling things, things no-one I knew understood, at the time I didn't know, but I was depressed. I spent from about 3rd grade until 6th listening to mains stream music on the radio, I noticed that the songs I liked the best were dark and deep... eriee. Absolutely hating writing since I was a young student, I wrote 1 or 2 poems in middle school. Then I was introduced to various rock and metal artists through my best friend kyle, I grew to like bands like GWAR, 311, and Greenday. Surprisingly Linkin Park with Hybrid Theory sparked my interests in darker music even farther. I discovered I liked their songs that hadn't become popular. Then last year I found second shifters, since then my life has changed dramatically. Coming to this site was like discovering a whole new society, I was venturing into ideas and people unfamiliar to my sheltered life. Finally finding music that really seemed to call out to me, I started writing, and in the past year, I have become the avid writer and music lover I am today. Liking anything from VAC to Machine Head and Greenday, my main love in music is variety. (God that's embarassing and badly written...)

My sig is short simple and sweet, very much unlike life.

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  • Interests:My name is Kristen, but call me SD. Everyone else does.<br><br>I'm a dark fiction writer as well as a good friend ... so long as you're good to me.<br><br>I read when I can, watch horror films, listen to various types of music and bands, talk with my friends, and go to school. Not in any particular order.<br><br>I'm anal when it comes to heavy smokers and alcoholics. To me, unless you have a god damned good reason why you're doing either or both, you shouldn't be doing them at all.<br><br>I'm also very opinionated. Unless you want to get me started, you best know which topics I get heated on and never bring them up when I'm around.<br><br>And, of course, I have a low tolerance for a lot people. It could be from the ever increasing level of stupidity, ignorance, and immaturity, but hey, you never know.<br><br>And the number on thing that pisses me off? People who can't write worth CRAP and yet think they're the best out there. No.<br><br>Take it easy now, most the time I'm nice and easy to get along with. So don't think I'm some tough, stuck up brat because I'm not. I have a reason to be the way I am.<br><br>:]
I've always loved music since maybe 7 years of age. I didn't listen to anything specific, jus liked what my mom had on when we're the car.

I remember getting my first boom box for my 10th birthday and a Nickoloden CD with all the theme songs from the shows they aired. :: smiles :: And over time I got into N'Sync, Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and even 98 Degrees.

Hey, I'll admit it, but I was into things that jus had a nice beat to them, okay? Hell, I'll even admit that I still have a little thing for the Backstreet Boys even though they broke up.

But now I listen to darker, heavier music, also including the 80's.

I don't think I was really inspired to do much when it cames to music, but when I listen to some songs that really capture me, ideas tend to dance around my mind and I can't help but write down a little story.

Yeah, I think music helps me more than it inspires. :: smiles ::



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making it is delusion. making it -- then what happens. you are MARRIED to it. you don't have to work for it anymore. then it was so intense, oh yeah, you know it -- but now you can let it go, get fat and lazy, suddenly no ideas, no inspiration. what do you have to work for when you have made it/ this is ALWAYS TRUE with 1 percent of exceptions. prsioners of the industry, insured fan base, no need to be hungry. all the aggression and energy that pushed you towhere you made it is gone and then -- where did it go? that goo goo dolls song was cool.

silver chair were okay. that's why people only get fifteen minutes of fame. it's just like fifteen minutes of fucking, so many people think anything more is overdoing it and why so many people who 'make it" -- get industry gred and arena level recognition --
who cares? it takes a second to say goodbye.

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music has been in my life since i was 8 yrs old, right from spice girls to the good old age of rock, ive totally changed my tatse since then, but its made me who i am, and i like it ^_^
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