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ShadowDemon's Darkened Words

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    Yertle The Turtle

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  • Interests:My name is Kristen, but call me SD. Everyone else does.<br><br>I'm a dark fiction writer as well as a good friend ... so long as you're good to me.<br><br>I read when I can, watch horror films, listen to various types of music and bands, talk with my friends, and go to school. Not in any particular order.<br><br>I'm anal when it comes to heavy smokers and alcoholics. To me, unless you have a god damned good reason why you're doing either or both, you shouldn't be doing them at all.<br><br>I'm also very opinionated. Unless you want to get me started, you best know which topics I get heated on and never bring them up when I'm around.<br><br>And, of course, I have a low tolerance for a lot people. It could be from the ever increasing level of stupidity, ignorance, and immaturity, but hey, you never know.<br><br>And the number on thing that pisses me off? People who can't write worth CRAP and yet think they're the best out there. No.<br><br>Take it easy now, most the time I'm nice and easy to get along with. So don't think I'm some tough, stuck up brat because I'm not. I have a reason to be the way I am.<br><br>:]

Hate – black and hungry – Something I feel for you.

Anger – hot and burning – Something I feel for myself.

Loneliness – silent and consuming – Something that’s always by my side.

Sadness – dark and weary – Something that won’t leave me alone.

Pain – cold and wicked – Something that rips at my heart.

Happiness – bright and glowing – Something that only a child can truly possess.

Pleasure – delicious and satisfying – Something our lovemaking never bestowed on me.

Want – green and whining – Something that always rolled out of your mouth.

Intelligence – immense – Something you seemed to lack.

Hope – golden and wonderful – Something you had stolen from me.

Pity – quiet and nasty – Something that’s in their eyes when they look my way.

Love – intense and beautiful – Something that I believe is a myth …



    Horton Hears A Who

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wow, very good. First time I have ever seen poetry by you SD

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