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Change the world

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You say the world has everything against you? You say there can be no hope for us to ever continue if we follow the same path we're leading ourselves in today. You say this is the end and there's nothing at all we can do about it no matter how hard we try. You say a lot of things, but I don't hear a word.

I don't hear you because I'm too busy watching the world change. I don't hear you because every time you complain is another minute wasted that could have been used to help change things to make them better.

Everyone waits and waits for the opportunity to make a difference. They wait for the right day of the year to come along so that they can do the right thing, but where is everyone when it comes to today? Where are you this very moment? Are you hoping for a 'better tomorrow'; are you dreaming of someplace else; or, are you doing something to make it all happen?

Who should you get behind? Who should you support? Who should you look up to? Look up to yourself. Find out what you can do and do it. Don't wait, don't complain, don't procrastinate, don't put it off until tomorrow.

Stand up on your own and tell the world you changed it today. Look at every choice you make, look at every decision you come across and do the right thing.

I changed the world today. I talked to a friend and let them know they were important to me. How did you change the world today?

The sky was the color of a television, tuned to a dead channel. - William Gibson

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