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Enigmatic Writings

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    The Demented Poet

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I saw you stabbed in the back
Saw your blood stain the ground below you
Just deep enough that you stayed awake
And the blade twisted in your fleash
And pushed you to the ground
And you did't scream

I saw you forced to your knees
Saw everything you loved burn
Just far enough that you couldn't stop it
And the flames lashed and teased
And tortured before killing
And yet,you didn't scream

I saw your heart shatter
Saw the one person you trusted betray you
Just break enough that you could never hope to forget
And the blade and the fire joined forces
And burned and cut you for a hundred life times
And still,you didn't scream

I saw everyone turn their back on you
Watch as your whole life shattered
I watch the pain seep into your soul
And still,you didn't scream

Is it becaused you're too afraid?
Or is it just too much pain?
Whatever it is,I hope you let it go
Let the pain out
Then I realized you where Me
I screamed...................

Mirror Reflection

I look in the mirror
a little boy stares back at me
his eyes once filled with hope
are now flooded with shattered dreams
he lays at night all alone
thinking about the darkness his life become
he hugs his pillow tightly
wishing he had someone to love
he cries himself to sleep
knowing he will never find anyone
he dreads waking up the next day
wishing it would all just go away
all he ever wanted
was someone to love and care for
with no one to turn to and no where to go
he puts his life to an end..............




    Horny Hot Goddess

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I didn't know you wrote poetry...oh wait...i think i did..:P

That was an awesome poem, i'd like to read more of your stuff....*smiles*



*pounces on you and kisses you all over*

i really miss you

but seriously e-mail me some of your poetry

Tanning is sick...I hope you all get skin cancer, you brown people!!!



    Yertle The Turtle

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Those are awsome poems, i hope you put more up



    Horton Hears A Who

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good poem frag but i believe i have said that elsewhere



    Horton Hatches The Egg

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those are some kick ass poems..i want to see more of your work..great job



    Horton Hatches The Egg

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Wow, I loved them and I liked the story line of it all. Nicely put.


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