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Iams Pet food..

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    Hop On Pop

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Alright, so my friend sent me this Link to the PETA website. Yeah yeah, we all know we're not ALL for the rights of animals..

If PETA takes over the world, animals are going to have more rights than us. Which is fine, they wouldnt take advantage of it..

But. What i'm trying to get at, is they have a video of an Iams research center.

I'll post it on here once i get the link again..

its footage of Beagles laying on a cold hard floor in the packs, only having a single towel to lay on. The researchers cut off part of the dogs thighs for no apparent reason. Does that have anything to do with the food? I think not.

They keep them in cages with bars on the floor, which allows the dogs paws to slip through the cage floor and get stuck, nto only that, but makes it very uncomfortable to walk on. Imagine having to walk on logs.

They knocked out a dog (with anestisa) though, they didnt bother putting it on an oxygen machine to make sure it breathes while they do the experiment.. you can hear one of the researchers say "If it stops breathing, just hit it in the chest. Keep hitting it until it breathes."

There was more footage, though i had to close the window. I was just too upset and too frustrated to continue watching.

And whats worse.. is whenever their done with the dog. They dont adopt them out to caring families, they sell them to more research labs! Ugh!

I'm sorry. I dont want these people creating food to give to my beloved pets. Not only that, but Iams is now said to cause Cancer among certain animals.. occasionally of course.

Thats not a risk I'm about to take (again).



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eww... nausiating
Take me home.... Im delicious!!

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