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Yellowstone Park

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"I hate myself and want to die." - Kurt Cobain

Once you begin to realise the ways of life and how it works... you would feel the same way; trust me. The true meaning of life is nothing, once it is all destroyed.. it will mean nothing, everything in our existence amounts to nothing. Meaning that all hardships and struggles all eventually mean nothing. Just think about it and you will understand. Not to mention we should all already be dead. According to the bible, the day of judgement.. should have been 200 years ago.

You may, or you may not be aware of the existence of super volcanoes; basically colossal craters in the ground; now if one of these volcanoes were to erupt, it would spew out so much lava and shit that basically the earth would be covered in ash... this is supposedly what wiped out the dinosaurs and it could just as easily wipe out us.

Don't go on thinking it is going to be okay, while in the future we may be able to deflect asteroids or devise strategies to avoid them; there is no way to envisage a strategy to stop a super volcano, basically it is the most likely thing to destroy the human race, it is more likely than the coming super bug, a meteorite hitting the earth or the sun running out of fuel. One of these super volcanoes, is located at Yellowstone Park, in America. The reservoir is filling with magma at an alarming rate. Scientist have discovered that the ground in Yellowstone if 74cm higher than in was in 1923 - indicating a massive swelling underneath the park. The volcano erupts with a near-clockwork cycle of every 600,000 years. The last eruption was more than 640,000 years ago - we are overdue for annihilation.

The short-term effects would most likely wipe out everything in a minimum of 1000 square kilometres, but the long-term effects would yet be even more devestating; the thousands of cubic kilometres of ash would most likely cause a nuclear winter (Blocking out the sun, forcing temperatures to plummet). Now in the bible it is written that at the day of judgement, fire will spew from the earth; what spews out fire? A volcano!

So I know most of you are atheists and don't believe in God excetera, but you should really give it thought to turning to god; yes the church is full of hypocrisy but there is no need to follow god in christianity; God is ment to be found in your own heart and mind. I don't myself if I have found God, but I am agnostic and undecided to his existance. "There may be several super-eruptions large enough to cause a global disaster every 100,000 years. This means super-eruptions are a significant global humanitarian hazard. They occur more frequently than impacts of asteroids and comets of comparable damage potential."

This piece of writing is fully my own work and the result of my own research (with the exception of the last quote) I do not want to see this posted ANYWHERE on the web without my permission, it took a considerable amount of my own time to bring you this news! <3 Clark



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Heh awesome info. Nice job researching. I think that our government will screw us faster than the park itself.
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