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Sorry, could not bring myself to actually tip it over...so I kinda fixed it :(

The Daily Pisa
Local Drunken shenanigans wreak havoc to Pisa Tourism
Posted Image
Local drunkards planning on playing a particle joke on the city have caused what is potentially an economic disaster for the city of Pisa. Tony Ravioli and a group of his friends after drinking several cases of beer decided that it would be fun to correct the Leaning Tower to see if anyone would notice.

This act has the potential to diminish the tourism trade to the city but well over 90 percent annalists claim. Lucky for law enforcement the drunkards took pictures of themselves as they righted the leaning tower. It was these images which led to the eventual arrest of all involved in this devastating prank.

City officials in hopes of tipping the tower once again have contacted several contractors. However, according to several engineers the righting of the tower was in itself a near miracle and nothing short of a true act of god will allow them to re-lean the structure without actually tipping it over completely.



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Tuesday, the police busted into, who is now, one of the most famous serial killers of our time. They planned to arrest her, question her, and have her talk to a few psychiatrists to find out why she committed all these crimes. Sadly, they were unable to capture her alive.

When police broke through the door of Second Shifters and Dark~Lil~Korner's most notorious murderer, they were unsure of what to think. The shocking scene was almost unbelievable, and they are still trying to figure out what happened. The serial killer was lying dead on the floor, and there was a box of rice krispies on the table. You could still hear the snap, krackle, pop going on. As they walked into the kitchen for a closer look at the scene, they saw that blood was everywhere, and the cereal itself was swimming in bloody milk. Police were baffled. Had someone murdered the killer, or had the rice crispies brought her to her moosey fate? But then, where did all the blood come from? Choking doesn't bring on that much blood.

After a record of 2,000 killings, all brutal and torturous in their own ways, this serial killer is finally laid to rest. No more will people have to fear who she will come after next or if it's safe for our children to go outside and play. Then again, she never hurt a single child. Her three cats are up for adoption to a loving home. Believe it or not, but these kitties are three of the sweetest cats we have ever come in contact with. Someone must have done something right.

Syana, the biggest, most known serial killer of our time is finally put to rest. It's a shame we will never find out the why's and the how's. We will never get to look inside that twisted head of hers, but at least the killing has finally stopped. We can all have some peace now. It really is a shame though.

More details will be added as we find them out.

I'm sure most of you remember our story about serial killer Syana last month. After an autopsy, the cause of death has been revealed. Police are guessing that as she sat down to her daily breakfast of rice crispies, there was glass in her cereal. As she took a bite, the glass entered her mouth and she swallowed, causing her throat to be cut up along with her beginning to choke. She tried to make her way to the sink to stop the choking with some water, but instead, her hand landed on the handle of a knife which fell and stabbed her. Catching her off-guard, she fell and knocked over her wood block of knives which fell upon her. Somehow, she was able to remove the knives and crawl back to the table where she died, lying on the floor.

What an odd twist of fate. I'm sure many of you are still a bit upset that we will never find out why she did the things that she did, what pushed her over the edge, what drove her to that point. I only hope that no one tries to follow in her footsteps.

How's that, Water?

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