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Talking Elmo Book Asks 'Who Wants To Die?'

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A mother in Dallas is one of several parents complaining about a new interactive book for toddlers in which Sesame Street character Elmo asks "who wants to die?" according to a Local 6 News report.

Family members said 16-month-old Miranda Boll's new book, "Potty Time With Elmo," was supposed to teach an interactive lesson using voice commands.

However, when the book's buttons are pressed, it reportedly says something it is not supposed to -- "who wants to die?"

"It's a sick joke," mother Angela Bolls said. "If it's a joke then it's a bad one, you know? And it's not necessary. It's inappropriate."

Bolls said she checked another copy of the same book and found that it says something completely different; "Who wants to try to go potty?"

The company that makes the book said it has had several complaints concerning the book, according to the report.

Source: Local6.com
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Paint it black and sell it as a goth collectors item.

I think most of the books will be reurned so when you keep an original "die" elmo, it will be worth quite a lot in a while.
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this makes me think of the talking stitch that I got Sy...
you say stuff to it and it replies....
well..I found out that if you say fuck you...it says "I love you too"

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i think thats hilarious, i would buy that book. the mother shouldnt even complain because the daughter wont even remember what the book said a day from now.

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Enki Anunaki

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i think that's rediculous and hilarious at the same time... :lol:



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Very, very, funny. It's almost as funny as the elmo T-shirt where he has an AK-47.
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Mommy can I have Aneurysm Elmo for Christmas....PLEASE!!!!

My granddauther has that little triangle headed monster pupet that says "i'm gay" or something like that...

heh..., as if I knew what I was talking about *shrug*



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It could have just been confusion. "Who wants to die" sounds similar to "Who wants to try". But deep down I hope I'm Wrong...



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I find that hilarious but it terrifies me at the same time because all my life I have never trusted Sesame Street, much less Elmo. Actually, any talking, fuzzy toy/character scares the shit out of me. I'm not sure why. o___o However, I'd love to have a copy of that book, haha. XD

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