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Pastor blames demons

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MCKINNEY - The pastor of a charismatic Christian church attended by the Plano mother on trial, accused of fatally cutting off the arms of her 10-month-old daughter, told jurors Wednesday that mental illness is really demon possession that cannot be cured with psychiatry or medicine.

"I do not believe that any mental illness exists other than demons, and no medication can straighten it out, other than the power of God," said Doyle Davidson, the 73-year-old minister of the Water of Life Church that Dena and John Schlosser attended several times a week.

Dena Schlosser, 37, is on trial for capital murder in the slaying of her daughter Margaret in November 2004.

She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Schlosser was arrested after police, responding to a 911 call, found her in the living room of her apartment, blood smeared on her face and clothes, a Christian hymn playing and a Bible open near the crib where the child was killed.

Defense lawyers have faulted her husband and Davidson for downplaying her strange behavior and cutting short treatment of a psychotic condition that began after the birth of her third child in January 2004.

John Schlosser testified Tuesday that he did not seek medical help when his wife told him she wanted to "give the baby to God" about a week before their daughter's death.

Davidson said he hardly knew the family, although John Schlosser testified earlier that he and his wife talked with Davidson days before the attack and that the pastor was the first person he called after it.

"I talked with him maybe three times, I don't remember what about," Davidson said.

Davidson also testified that he has cast demons out of parishioners and seen evil spirits, including one that was 6 feet tall with a long tail. The former veterinarian, who has no formal religious training, has a cable TV show in the Dallas area and several states.

The Rev. Kathryn Self, another defense witness, called the beliefs of Davidson's church outside mainstream Christianity.

In the week leading up to the slaying, Dena Schlosser had expressed concern that Davidson was being persecuted by police regarding an incident in September 2004 in which he was arrested and accused of public intoxication, her husband testified Tuesday.

A police report states the pastor was in the home of another married member of his congregation, sitting on top of her and trying to choke out evil spirits.

Davidson told jurors that God had pledged the woman to him and that demons were keeping them apart, but he denied he was drunk or was trying to choke her.

Also Wednesday, three Plano police officers testified that Schlosser repeatedly chanted, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord" in the hours after her arrest. Plano police officer Sean White said the chant varied from soft to loud, and once Schlosser seemed to turn purple and pass out. Another officer testified he heard her making guttural, growling sounds as she waited to be treated for an apparently self-inflicted knife wound to her shoulder.

Source: Houston Chronicle
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Well that's...nice.
At least we know she won't be getting off on cause of insanity. Unless the word of a pastor with no religious training and...interesting exorcism tactics is good in Texas courts.
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that woman has issuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuues...and so does the priest. Maybe if they got together, the oddballness would cancel out? No, that's not right.

Fuckin' religious nuts. She needs to be put to death for the murder of an innocent child who could not defend herself.

Sick fuck.



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Demonic Possession can be seemingly cured via a proper exorcism...which can not really be said for mental illness.

If you are mentally ill they will give you pills which do not cure but surcomvent the condition.

I say, excorsize her...then give her leathel injection ;)



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I blame retardation of the masses by religious means. I'm all for pre-emptive sterilization of people who talk to god. I support pre-emptive sterilzation in more cases but this is more applicable to this situation.
Aside from being against the death penalty on principle, I find it rather typical that in justice, so much emotion prevails. She supposedly is blind you know. Punishment is only just when you apply it on people who knowingly commit a crime. Right and wrong are not so clearly defined in some mental states and with that, crime goes beyond the question of right and wrong. If you lose that part of justice, it becomes nothing more than state sponsored revenge and that leaves the cause of the problem unsolved. More will undoubtedly follow untill that is adressed. Which does not mean that the "villain" should escape punishment but motivation is still part of the question when determening guilt in these cases.
Personally, I think it is rather sad that instead of critically looking at cause and consequence, in this case being: fucked up medical and social situations and the lack of appropriate response to that, people prefer to shout: off with her head or something thereabout and are content with that. Revenge, the quick fix.

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I think that priest has a mental illness....errr.....a demon -.-

Human stupidity and ignorance at its best....
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It was a lot more simple back in the day, y'know... You blew it and the whole village took you to the edge of town and gave you a stoning. No muss. No pleading insanity. No lawyers. Take 'em outside and get 'em done.
Theft...you paid them back plus a percentage or, you guessed it, stoning.

I have come to the conclusion that we as a society, maybe even as a race, like to remove personal responsibility as much as possible from any given consequences we have earned due to a previous interaction. I sawed off my baby's arms because I'm ill, not because I freaked out and did it of my own accord. I raped her because she was dressed sexy and I was drunk. I deal poison to others because my daddy was an asshat and I grew up in a ghetto.
While the idea of it literally being a 'demon' is certainly scientifically unprovable at this point, it might be closer to the point than you think. We constantly describe our inner inadequacies as 'our demons'. People smoke because they don't give a fuck about themselves on some sunconscious level. Women gain weight so they aren't as likely to be a target of the abuses they've suffered in the past while hating themselves for being overweight. Demon or 'psychological inbalance' is a call that you make knowing that one day you will describe it with the other label.

Just some stuff to think about...
Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! )

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*agrees with psychophipps*

it wasn't me!..it was the DEMONS, i tell you!....THE DEMONS!!!..they told me to do it!..

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