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Firefighters watch man's garage go up in flames

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MONETT, Mo. (AP) - Rural Missouri firefighters stood by and watched a fire destroy a garage and a vehicle because the property owner had not paid "membership dues."

Bibaldo Rueda - who was injured battling the flames Monday - offered to pay the dues as the fire blazed away but the Monett Rural Fire Department does not have a policy for on-the-spot billing, Sheriff's Det. Robert Evenson said.

Fire Chief Ronnie Myers defended the no-pay, no-aid policy, saying the membership-based organization could not survive if people thought the department would respond for free. The department said it will fight a fire without question if a life is believed to be in danger.

Rueda used a garden hose and buckets to fight the flames, while firefighters stood by on the road, watching in case the blaze spread to neighbouring properties owned by members. The fire eventually burned itself out.

Rueda said no one told him about the dues policy when he moved in 1 1/2 years ago.

Source: CNews
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This smells like protection money.

Mobsters, mafia, firefighters...

Why didn't they just put the fire out and told the man afterwards that there was an annual fee or something to pay to maintain the firefighter services for the community. If it was done that way, he would be more than happy to pay because he already had the service, and his garage.
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that's fucked up!.. <_<
how can they expect to have a larger budget if they don't notify new residents of the "member policy"?..



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Greedy bastards like them piss me off. thats a fucking human life, as well as his possessions that he needs!!! Who the hell are they to refuse help to those in need?!?!?! its their fucking JOB.
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