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Why and what is the point in television, I mean yes some shows are good, I rarely will watch any.

Do not get mad at me for posting this, just posing a theory.

On television do you ever sit there for hours and watch someone else on tv, sit there and well... watch tv? No, I highly doubt you do, because this person would be expressing a boring, and unfilled life.

Instead of sitting there watching tv, which has no affect on anything, do something else, meet people, play online, anything which results in something, even if it is small. Something more interesting.

Do not watch television, live a life worthy enough to be a sitcom. =)

Watching tv for one or two hours a day is fine, but when you get the people who do it for days or weeks at a time. My one ex friend used to actually sit on the couch and sleep there for weeks at a time watching television, seriously people. Just wow.

Not saying all television is bad, but when thats the only thing you do...

"Do not think outside the box! Yet do not think inside the box, think in a whole new dimension."

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