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GTA is still a game

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    There is one?

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Tyrone McMillan sentenced
Updated: 4/13/2006 4:57 PM
By: Capital News 9 Web Staff
The Troy man who thought he could outrun police because of his video game skills has learned his fate.

Tyrone McMillan will spend seven years behind bars for second-degree assault and first-degree attempted assault. He received two seven-year sentences, but they will be served concurrently.

McMillan pleaded guilty to the charges in March.

The chase happened on Aug. 5 when police said they tried to pull McMillan over because of a parole violation. He took off in his SUV with his girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter and 10-year-old cousin in the vehicle.

The girls managed to jump from the car while it was moving slowly on a 787 on-ramp.

The chase went on for a total of 55 minutes, ending when McMillan slammed into two cars -- one of them was a police cruiser. A Troy police officer was treated at an area hospital and released.

McMillan later told police he thought he could outrun them because he played the PlayStation video game "Grand Theft Auto."

After serving time, McMillan will be on post-release supervision for 10 years.

As we all know, a console game is a perfect substitution for reality...

Blame Rockstargames as much as you want, but i prefer that you consider this idiot to be the real troublemaker here.

"It's only a game"

Whats next? Unreal tournament on the parkinglot?
Unauthorized Copying is not only forbidden, but will prey upon your conscience, spoil your sleep, destroy your complexion, and eventually will wind up turning you into the kind of person who drinks methylated spirits out of a bottle hidden in a brown paper bag, and who lives under bridges, burps noxiously, and prays day and night for release from the unsupportable burden their life has become. We thought you'd appreciate the warning.
Originally from a Neil Gaiman cd, so i might suffer from all the things mentioned above.



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Woohoo! UT :P

As long as I get the Redeemer, I'm in!




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I took the day off when Vice City came out, and the nephews stayed outta school - so we all could play it. After one hell of a weekend of carnage in the streets I had to head back to work. On the way there at a stop light I looked over at the care next to me and realized it was a WAY better car then mine. For a brief instance I reached for the door handle so I could swap.

Sometimes it can be a thin line I guess, but most sane people will pull their hand back (especially with kids in the car).

Though, as far as that man goes he's an idiot! I mean, come on...where the hell was he gunna find a spinning star in Troy (I assume Michigan?) And besides, those SUV's are hard to control...he should have swapped out for one of those little fancy blue cars with a stripe ;)

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