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Easter Bunny Accused of Hitting Customer

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    The Architect

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FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) -- The Easter Bunny has been fired - for losing his head. Arthur J. McClure, 22, who had been hired to play the Easter Bunny at a local mall has been accused of removing the head of the costume and hitting a customer, authorities said.

McClure punched Erin Johansson when she got upset that the photo exhibit was closing 10 minutes early Saturday night, police reports said. The incident was witnessed by dozens of people at the Edison Mall, including 15 children.

McClure said he never punched Johansson. He claims he was trying to stop a fight between his wife - exhibit manager Crystal Frechette - and Johansson.

He said he took the bunny's head off because he had been wearing it for nine hours and was hot.

"My shirt was soaked with sweat," McClure said. "I almost threw up."

Mall management issued an apology to parents and children. Golden, Colo.-based Noerr Programs Corp., which contracted with the mall to run the photo set, fired McClure and Frechette on Monday. They also have been charged with battery and disturbing the peace.

Source: Associated Press
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I always said that there was no true and pure good in the world...and I believe that the violence shown by the Easter Bunny in this story is proof of my belief.



    Horton Hatches The Egg

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and doing a quick search of google shows past violent actions done by this childrens icon:

Posted Image

Enki Anunaki

Enki Anunaki

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whoah...i never would have figured the easter bunny for a terrorist...

everybody gets pissed off sometimes...dude just picked a bad time to deal with it, and in a bad way...



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Yeah, I'm just waiting for santa to start dropping bombs down people's chimneys.

.............You better not be naughty...........Santa will get you..........
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