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Are we inferior to animals spiritually?

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This post is to address something that has been going through my mind for a while. In the past few years I have undergone a period of deep observation of nature and the intricacies of the natural world. This was helped by many books(including "The earth path" by Starhawk, which is awesome by the way.) During this observation, something has come to my attention that has changed my outlook on animals. It seems, after careful observation, that animals have the answers to questions that many of us humans ask. A simple observation would tell us that animals are more connected to the Primal Seed (I say this meaning "root of all life" as to not rise anger by favoring any specific religion.) than humans. Though we humans are improving and strenghthening and tuning our minds in new ways (due to the recent acceptance in part of nature or mind based religions or practices) Animals seem to be directly connected to the "primal seed" or "diety" by their direct connection to earth's complex system of regeneration. I mean to say that they, instead of devour the earth and it's recources like humans do, seem to maintain the earth and it's sytem of life. Does this mean that they are spiritually stronger than us due to their natural urge to heal our soils? If humans used their minds to their full potential, would we act this way? Would the combined power of every mind in the world restore the earth and maintain it forever? (I am referring to the idea that the average human only uses 10% of it's mind) If we used our minds to our full potential, we could become part of that system. If we maintained healthy bodies and minds, bred that into our children, and made the natural lifestyle a part of genetics as well as the devoping of our brain, using the recources that we are supposed to. Our existence would be infinitely better. That means that we have to act as allies to our animals and our earth. How can we do this? Don't let me be the only one thinking here...(I hope I am not stating the obvious, or stating the stupid)

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