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Who will You vote for

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    Green Eggs And Ham

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Well like i said

who would you vote for as the next big cheese, or who do you want it to be?

i would love to see Bush executed on T.V

and for those of you who arent US citizens,yay for you, feel free to talk crap.
I walk the path of Darkness, people say I'm evil for it, I say they are wrong.
Light and Dark by themselves are neutral entities, sure good generally chooses the light, while evil generally chooses the dark. However, it is not the path you walk, but how you walk it. It is not the power you weild, but how you weild it.



    The Cat In The Hat Comes Back

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*seconds the vote for Water*

I do so even though i 'm not allowed to vote in the US. Which basically means that Water already has more international support than your current administration. -_-
I'm going to vote again in november, Labour or rather, our version, the PvdA. Because if I have to shoot myself in the foot by voting I at least want to limit the damage.
In short, the choice is between

these two men, the right being our current prime minister
Posted Image

or this man, the front man of the labour party
Posted Image

I rest my case
Now if you'll excuse me, I have hands to kiss and babies to shake

Charles L. Charles

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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Republicans & Democrats are two sides of the same coin, they are a false choice, two management teams working for the same CEO in a bid for power.
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