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The best book you haven't read...

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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I am a truck driver and grabbed this audiobook at the Library as something that would help me stay awake late at night while driving...Didn't realize that this book would thoroughly kick my ass!!!

I read pretty voraciously but had never heard of the book before. After listening to it, checked it out on the internet and realized it is an international bestseller (and has inspired a pretty large cult following). You can check out Amazon for the professional reviews but I will try to give a brief synopsis below:

First you have "Harlequins". They are warriors trained from the time they can walk to fight. They are the ultimate bodyguards. The bodies they guard are the "Travelers".
Travelers are an extremely small percentage of the population (maybe 30 in the whole world usually) who are able to enter other dimensions (realms) while in a trance. Travelers, throughout history, have been the real movers and shakers (ie, Jesus (maybe), Gandi, Mohammed, Buddha, Thomas Jefferson, etc).
And, lastly, we have the Tabula. They are the sworn enemies of Travelers and have almost succeded in wiping out every last Traveler in the world. The Tabula are the real power in the world today, moving behind the scenes to fulfill their goal: the total control of the world's population. They like nothing more than Order and Obedience and accomplish this thru the monitoring of the population thru computers and surveillance cameras (the author makes no bones that he doen't like Big Brother and its Patriot Act).
Anyways, There are now only a handful (or Less) of Harlequins left and it is believed that the Travelers have been wiped out. But both the Harlequins and the Tabula find out that there may be a pair of brothers in Calif who are untrained, untapped Travelers and the race is on to find them.

Bottom line: I cannot recc'd this book highly enuff. Second book, The Dark River, is either out or coming out in a month.

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