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The Last Dance - Chat and Interview

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Yesterday afternoon, Sanctuary and I had a fantastic time with bringing you The Last Dance for a chat celebration and podcast interview that we're quite sure was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Our goal with the chat and interview sessions has always been to bring great music to more ears and help give people a closer, more intimate connection with the bands they hear. And, we're very certain that you'll find exactly that with what TLD delivered to everyone on Sunday.

In their interview podcast, you'll find a good amount of new depth into the band and some of their inspirations, including a background on the song 'Dead Man's Party' that, as Sanctuary put it, is sure to change the way you hear it afterwards. You'll also get a chuckle out of learning why it might be a bad idea to get The Last Dance to make a song about you.

While you're listening to the interview, reading through our chat transcript from the event is a must as well. In it, we threw caution to the wind and went with an unmoderated session with everyone participating directly with the band. The results? Well, we're extremely happy with how things turned out to say the least, and for those that attended: thank you so very much for being a great audience.

Topics in the chat ranged all the way from The Last Cats to a very unexpected coincidence with the date we ended up with for our chat and interview debut. You're sure to learn a lot from the band in the transcript, and we promise you'll have fun all the way through it.

Start listening and reading now:
Interview Podcast - http://www.secondshifters.com/interviews/T...e_Interview.mp3
Chat Transcript - http://www.secondshifters.com/transcripts/..._08-03-2008.txt

It really was a pleasure and an honor bringing this to you. Thank you to everyone for being here for it. :)

Yours Sincerely,

Atnevon and Sanctuary
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