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This post is both an update to those that have been following along with Osiris's vet visits and as a thank you to those that sent warm wishes.

Late Tuesday night, Osiris (One of the station kitties) started vomiting pretty frequently (once every few hours), coughing up a number of hairballs throughout the night. This continued on through most of the day Wednesday, and it started becoming more and more frequent as the night went on. He was also no longer eating or drinking at this point, and it started to become very concerning.

Thursday morning, a very panicked me brought him into the vet, and after a check up and some x-rays they treated him (the cat, not me) with an Enema and something to help pass hairballs through his system, called Laxatone. (Note: if you have long haired cats, look into getting this for them. You can pick up a non perscription version at most pet stores.)

Sadly, the Enema and Laxatone wasn't enough to get things flowing again, and kitty still wasn't eating or drinking anything by Friday. So, Osiris went back to visit the vet and was given (poor kitty) two more enemas and more laxatone - administered by the vet. He stayed there for quite a few hours for observation, and right before I showed up to pick him up, he started to poop again (if you got a really strange mass IM from me about being glad for a kitty pooping, this was why).

Since he got home from the vet on Friday, Osiris has been doing tons better and is eating, drinking, purring.... and pooping like a good kitty!

A lot of people sent get well wishes to the kitty and I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you, on behalf of Osiris.

I also wanted to give a very special thank you to Sanctuary for her support and help through the situation. She helped out immensely in finding the right questions to be asking and giving the right information to the vet so that they could diagnose and treat him faster.

Osiris is very grateful and so am I :)
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Heh. Somehow I'm amused. Ya know if that ever happens again I have a surefire method for getting any animal to poop *grin*
You learn alot about the inner workings of things the way I go about it. But it sounds like you found an alternative, so good for ya I guess.

Next time, just shave the little furball and call it a goth skin kitty :D




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Next time, just shave the little furball and call it a goth skin kitty :D

I think that's a great idea - but - I think Osiris would be pissed though H's kinda a God and stuff. (Goth Kitty - I likies that. *nods*)

Atnevon :-) See he's okay cause you cared enough to take him to the Doctor. :-) Now he's back to himself. Though I'm sure not impressed by the Enema.
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