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The Heroes in Your Life

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    The Architect

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So many times we think of the Heroes as those that have super powers and are out to save the world, but I think that what we sometimes forget is that many of the real heroes are those that aren't necessarily saving the world, but instead saving us from it.

Many times these heroes go un-named and without the due thanks they deserve. They don't ask for credit for the things they've done and they are happy just to have done a little good. More often than not, I think that they don't even realize just how much difference something small can make in a life and with that in mind I wanted to start a thread to thank the heroes for what they've done.

So... what heroes have you encountered in your life - whether it be that they helped you or did something for someone else?

I have a few of them myself, but I'll let you take the floor first :)
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Heros of my life hrmm?

Well, growing up, I spent a lot of time in the streets,
Of the things i did, i'd rather not not go into. However i am thankfull for those who constantly
watched my back, fought beside me, never narced on me, eventually helped me to turn my back on it alltogether, and were more or less my "Under-ground
family in arms" because without them, I doubt i'd still be alive. I also remember one peice of advice that stuck
all this time, "While you may have to sleep, the hustle never does." Basically meaning this: The money is fast, but the opprtunities
to grab it come and go even faster, and if you don't
take it, someone else will, and for those reasons its dangerous, high risk of getting caught, and others wanting what you got.
I will not say anymore.

I hope I seem genuine and not like a ..........criminal.
If there is anyone on this site that wants to make something for themselves in the street,
or just trying to snatch that fast money, don't. The street doesn't give a damn about you, and
I'm so tired f seeing the younger ones now who can't even keep there thoughts out of the street
because it has them so enthralled, when like I said, the street doesn't care about you, and would sooner watch you die.
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Starphoenix Koroias

Starphoenix Koroias

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My mother.

You gotta give props to a woman that can raise two kids alone after an idiot ex-soldier decides to run away cause he's too scared to have a family. Works two jobs for five years paying off the bills and making sure you got a place to live. Especially a kid with an I.Q. of 191 and that almost went on a one-person holy war against the world. And then still helps the kids when they get kicked so hard you think the universe itself has a problem with them. Very few people in life love you that much. Very few people in life you can look up to and truly respect. And fewer still really do anything without expecting a thanks. My mom made hero when instead of giving up she fought with heart beyond heart.

*peers about intently*

Yeah, that's about as un-evil as you're ever gonna hear me speak. Got a problem with that?
Didn't think so.




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i'll have to agree with starpheonix on this one. my mother is pretty amazing, stronger than 4 men, well the 4 that have come and gone anyway, they couldn't handle taking care of one of their kids let alone the other ones they commited themselves to when they decided to hook up with my ma.

anyway, there hasn't been a "dad" around in 5-10 years now, they don't visit, only pay childsupport when you threaten them with jail, perfect examples of dead-beats. but my mom has stuck with it 21 years now, she cooks, cleans and tries as hard as she possibly can to carry us out of the hole we're in and i've never respected anyone more than her, wether she knows it or not.

as for me, i have no regrets concerning my upbringing, everyone has good and bad times, some more intense than others, and i learned plenty of lessons along the way.
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