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A Prescription Handgun...

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    The Architect

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I thought this was a joke at first, but apparently it's the real thing. A company called 'Constitution Arms' has created a special handgun designed for the elderly and disabled, so that even with things like severe arthritis, they can still have a working gun.

What's really a bit off about this though is this from the company, written to a blog site that mentioned the handgun:

Several weeks ago you were kind enough to blog about the Palm Pistol. We thought you might be interested to learn that the FDA has completed its “Device/Not a Device” determination and concluded the handgun will be listed as a Class I Medical Device, exempt from 510(k) Pre-Market Notification in accordance with 21 CFR 890.5050 “Daily Activity Assist Device.”

We have now submitted an application to the CMS contractor Noridian for a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Coding Verification in order to be assigned an HCPCS code. Once assigned , physicians will be able to prescribe the Palm Pistol for qualified patients who may seek reimbursement through Medicare or private health insurance companies.

Source: http://www.medgadget.com/archives/2008/12/...n_handguns.html

Now, normally I'm all for people getting prescriptions from their doctors to help their illnesses... but I have to say, this isn't quite what I had in mind...
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what in the world do you need a prescription for a gun for? So you can shoot yourself when the pain gets too bad?

speaking of...you know that's going to happen. So who'll get the blame there, the company or the doctor who prescribed it and didn't somehow know that this would happen?
just give me a minute, i'm thinking...

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Wait.....An arthritis-friendly gun? Wow.........i guess no matter how old you get, you can still shoot those damn kids for being on your lawn. The whole thing is retarded. There is going to be trouble from this.
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I for one, as an owner of multiple firearms, think this is a grand idea! :lol:
When I get too old to wield my old trusty rifles, I'd like to have something to blast people with that's arthritis-friendly.

Any time guns are involved in a situation there's always some idiot who makes them look sinister. And as for suicide, wait until you're so old that life is completely miserable every moment of every day and tell me you wont be contemplating release from the agony.

I think if people were more familiarized with firearms, as well as better implementation of psych-screening, there would be less crime. That's assuming people had the balls to police themselves.

The concept of an elderly/infirm-friendly firearm is glorious. :)

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