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Finally - something positive about Goths!

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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children

About half of teenage goths have deliberately harmed themselves or attempted suicide, a new study suggests. But joining the modern subculture - which grew out of the 1980s gothic rock scene - may actually protect vulnerable children, researchers say.

Full article at http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn8996...e-children.html

What are your thoughts on this?
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    The Architect

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Great find MythHorn! I think I have to agree with the article. The dark/gothic subculture can be a safe haven for a lot of people with troubled pasts. I'm also impressed by its stance that the culture itself does not seem to lead to 'self-harm', but instead is frequently joined by people *after* they endure these kinds of troubles, helping them find someplace they can feel safe and accepted.

As you said in the title, it's definitely good to hear something positive about goths instead of the typical negative associations that people like to make about them.
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    Horton Hatches The Egg

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The goth sub culture is fairly non judgemental and safe, among the members of the subculture there is trust and people can share their pain, and yet the appearance discourages closeminded people from interfering so it is a good way to seek shelter from the pain that self harmers would have. Not to mention the music can typically put people in a better mood.

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