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Mass uses out of state college students as trial jurors

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So I received a summons for the Mass office of jury commissioner to be a trial juror. I do not live in the state, i just attend school there. It says you have to be a resident or an inhabitant for more than 50% of the year. Well I'm only here for 42% of the year because of my school schedule so I am inelligable for jury duty in this state. I called the office of the jury commissioner and he rudely told me that since I was a student I was elligable because breaks and weekends where I dont inhabit the state (I live 2.5 hours from school so i drive home on weekends) the court is not open so they dont count, and that I am here over 50% of the time that the courts are open, however the packet of instructions indicates that it is of a calender year not a court year. He rudely yelled at me and told me that I have no rights and that the 50% of the time does not apply to me, when I asked why rich cape summer dwellers had more rights than I, as a poor college kid, did he hung up the telephone on me.

Now I do not think I am out of line for being angered by being told that I have no rights, I do not think that I am wrong in believing that I should not have to risk my future, and my grades to sit there as victims are legally tortured by having to recount for probably the 20th time the accounts of the crime committed against them. In the case of domestic violence, as I have experience both as observer and victim (some can say as a child observer I was also a victim), it is pure torture to the plaintif, or in the case of rape or molestation. The county that I was summonsed to is 45 minutes from my school, and I had been abused by a man who had been set free years earlier with no penalty after he rapped a 7 year old girl at his church.

I do not want to be a part of a system that legally turtures victims, and taps (not even slaps) the criminals on the wrist. Even if I am part of bringing a conviction to the guilty party, the day before and the day after and even on that day, making the victim recount the situation is going to be hell and torture to them.

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