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Childish games

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Okay guys and gals been a while since I needed to rant but this really, really pisses me off:

I recently struck up an association with a guy and his wife after discovering certain things we had in common.
Well she was nice enough to give me a few ciggarettes when I ran out earlier before we met. I told her in return I'd get her a pack
when I could.

We were all at the park today, hanging out, playing spades, and what-not, when I went looking for ciggs. I only had 2 dollars
and since they went up again, they've been pretty hard to afford, so I bought eight and went back over to our spot to get my pack of lighters I had got to sell for another two, so I could buy 8 more, have close to a pack and divvy it up between us, 'cause today they were broke too. I get to our spot give one out to one other of their friends who ask, and forgot about my debt to her, since I was trying to get up a pack for all of us to share.

She goes absolutly ape-shit ten mins later. Screaming about this and that, can't really make out anything because I'm shocked, and when I find out what she's pissed about (mad that I didn't just give her a ciggarette then when I owe her) I try to explain, she's screaming that everything out of my mouth is an excuse, she'll never give me another ciggarette, she starts calling over all her other friends telling them the "shit I did " to her, making me out to be the biggest prick in the world, and when I try to give her the other seven ciggs, she refuses.
Her husband says she's going to stay that way, but he understood that it was nothing like that, the other 2 guys who were sitting there understood as well, but agreeing with her husband that she'll stay that way, meanwhile I'm utterly bewildered and suddenly the bad guy.

She continues to be a frigid bitch, playing these stupid games, and still refusing the smokes, so I throw them down beside her and walk off.

I'm sorry ladies but I have got to ask you, why do you play these games with men? why?
Because when i'm in a relationship I tell her quick, If i've somehow done something without knowing that pisses you off, TELL ME.
I have no time for stupid childish games, like I see you rampaging through the house, slamming shit around me amd I ask whats wrong and you say "Nothing" (Ladies, at that point we think you want to be left alone.) and then gets even more pissed later because I didn't try to figure out what was wrong. FUCK THAT. FUCK YOU. I refuse to play those games, no matter how much i'm into or like a girl, even if I love you, I will LEAVE YOU, drop you like a bad habit, IN A HEART BEAT. Why? because I have no time or patience for that shit.

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