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    Green Eggs And Ham

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I know I have not been on here in a while. But I read something that needs to get out into the world. Everyone needs to read it and everyone who understands it needs to help get it out. we need a voice a motto. I would love for this to be pinned...

I'm a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. Now I no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The fact is I no longer feel any political party or representative in Washington represents my views or works to pursue the issues important to me. There must be someone. Please tell me who you are. Please stand up and tell me that you are there and that you're willing to fight for our Constitution as it was written. Please stand up now. You might ask yourself what my views and issues are that I would horribly feel so disenfranchised by both major political parties. What kind of nut job am I? Will you please tell me?

Well, these are briefly my views and issues for which I seek representation:

One, illegal immigration. I want you to stop coddling illegal immigrants and secure our borders. Close the underground tunnels. Stop the violence and the trafficking in drugs and people. No amnesty, not again. Been there, done that, no resolution. P.S., I'm not a racist. This isn't to be confused with legal immigration.

Glenn Beck's Common Sense
Now available in book stores nationwide...

Two, the TARP bill, I want it repealed and I want no further funding supplied to it. We told you no, but you did it anyway. I want the remaining unfunded 95% repealed. Freeze, repeal.

Three: Czars, I want the circumvention of our checks and balances stopped immediately. Fire the czars. No more czars. Government officials answer to the process, not to the president. Stop trampling on our Constitution and honor it.

Four, cap and trade. The debate on global warming is not over. There is more to say.

Five, universal healthcare. I will not be rushed into another expensive decision. Don't you dare try to pass this in the middle of the night and then go on break. Slow down!

Six, growing government control. I want states rights and sovereignty fully restored. I want less government in my life, not more. Shrink it down. Mind your own business. You have enough to take care of with your real obligations. Why don't you start there.

Seven, ACORN. I do not want ACORN and its affiliates in charge of our 2010 census. I want them investigated. I also do not want mandatory escrow fees contributed to them every time on every real estate deal that closes. Stop the funding to ACORN and its affiliates pending impartial audits and investigations. I do not trust them with taking the census over with our taxpayer money. I don't trust them with our taxpayer money. Face up to the allegations against them and get it resolved before taxpayers get any more involved with them. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, hello. Stop protecting your political buddies. You work for us, the people. Investigate.

Eight, redistribution of wealth. No, no, no. I work for my money. It is mine. I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth that I will support. I never got a job from a poor person. Why do you want me to hate my employers? Why ‑‑ what do you have against shareholders making a profit?

Nine, charitable contributions. Although I never got a job from a poor person, I have helped many in need. Charity belongs in our local communities, where we know our needs best and can use our local talent and our local resources. Butt out, please. We want to do it ourselves.

Ten, corporate bailouts. Knock it off. Sink or swim like the rest of us. If there are hard times ahead, we'll be better off just getting into it and letting the strong survive. Quick and painful. Have you ever ripped off a Band‑Aid? We will pull together. Great things happen in America under great hardship. Give us the chance to innovate. We cannot disappoint you more than you have disappointed us.

Eleven, transparency and accountability. How about it? No, really, how about it? Let's have it. Let's say we give the buzzwords a rest and have some straight honest talk. Please try ‑‑ please stop manipulating and trying to appease me with clever wording. I am not the idiot you obviously take me for. Stop sneaking around and meeting in back rooms making deals with your friends. It will only be a prelude to your criminal investigation. Stop hiding things from me.

Twelve, unprecedented quick spending. Stop it now.

Take a breath. Listen to the people. Let's just slow down and get some input from some nonpoliticians on the subject. Stop making everything an emergency. Stop speed reading our bills into law. I am not an activist. I am not a community organizer. Nor am I a terrorist, a militant or a violent person. I am a parent and a grandparent. I work. I'm busy. I'm busy. I am busy, and I am tired. I thought we elected competent people to take care of the business of government so that we could work, raise our families, pay our bills, have a little recreation, complain about taxes, endure our hardships, pursue our personal goals, cut our lawn, wash our cars on the weekends and be responsible contributing members of society and teach our children to be the same all while living in the home of the free and land of the brave.

I entrusted you with upholding the Constitution. I believed in the checks and balances to keep from getting far off course. What happened? You are very far off course. Do you really think I find humor in the hiring of a speed reader to unintelligently ramble all through a bill that you signed into law without knowing what it contained? I do not. It is a mockery of the responsibility I have entrusted to you. It is a slap in the face. I am not laughing at your arrogance. Why is it that I feel as if you would not trust me to make a single decision about my own life and how I would live it but you should expect that I should trust you with the debt that you have laid on all of us and our children. We did not want the TARP bill. We said no. We would repeal it if we could. I am sure that we still cannot. There is such urgency and recklessness in all of the recent spending.

From my perspective, it seems that all of you have gone insane. I also know that I am far from alone in these feelings. Do you honestly feel that your current pursuits have merit to patriotic Americans? We want it to stop. We want to put the brakes on everything that is being rushed by us and forced upon us. We want our voice back. You have forced us to put our lives on hold to straighten out the mess that you are making. We will have to give up our vacations, our time spent with our children, any relaxation time we may have had and money we cannot afford to spend on you to bring our concerns to Washington. Our president often knows all the right buzzword is unsustainable. Well, no kidding. How many tens of thousands of dollars did the focus group cost to come up with that word? We don't want your overpriced words. Stop treating us like we're morons.

We want all of you to stop focusing on your reelection and do the job we want done, not the job you want done or the job your party wants done. You work for us and at this rate I guarantee you not for long because we are coming. We will be heard and we will be represented. You think we're so busy with our lives that we will never come for you? We are the formerly silent majority, all of us who quietly work , pay taxes, obey the law, vote, save money, keep our noses to the grindstone and we are now looking up at you. You have awakened us, the patriotic spirit so strong and so powerful that it had been sleeping too long. You have pushed us too far. Our numbers are great. They may surprise you. For every one of us who will be there, there will be hundreds more that could not come. Unlike you, we have their trust. We will represent them honestly, rest assured. They will be at the polls on voting day to usher you out of office. We have cancelled vacations. We will use our last few dollars saved. We will find the representation among us and a grassroots campaign will flourish. We didn't ask for this fight. But the gloves are coming off. We do not come in violence, but we are angry. You will represent us or you will be replaced with someone who will. There are candidates among us when hewill rise like a Phoenix from the ashes that you have made of our constitution.

Democrat, Republican, independent, libertarian. Understand this. We don't care. Political parties are meaningless to us. Patriotic Americans are willing to do right by us and our Constitution and that is all that matters to us now. We are going to fire all of you who abuse power and seek more. It is not your power. It is ours and we want it back. We entrusted you with it and you abused it. You are dishonorable. You are dishonest. As Americans we are ashamed of you. You have brought shame to us. If you are not representing the wants and needs of your constituency loudly and consistently, in spite of the objections of your party, you will be fired. Did you hear? We no longer care about your political parties. You need to be loyal to us, not to them. Because we will get you fired and they will not save you. If you do or can represent me, my issues, my views, please stand up. Make your identity known. You need to make some noise about it. Speak up. I need to know who you are. If you do not speak up, you will be herded out with the rest of the sheep and we will replace the whole damn congress if need be one by one. We are coming. Are we coming for you? Who do you represent? What do you represent? Listen. Because we are coming. We the people are coming.

This was read on The Glenn Beck Program and can be found via URL glennbeck.com




    Horton Hears A Who

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    Burn is the name and magic is my game, I'm a summoner of many things but angels; they don't like what I'm doing.

    My name, i really do like my REM name only because Caz (that's what the beginning of his name sounds like) named me out of spite for his brother because the Arc Gabriel, no matter how much he curses the human race and kills us off one by one, he is still accepted by God as his Death Angel.


I was just having that same conversation with a few people last night, and we debated it for hours, but at the end of the night we all came to the same conclusion, RISE UP AMERICANS. "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE", IT IS TIME WE TAKE IT BACK, AND GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO CAN WEILD IT FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. WAKE UP AND RISE AMERICA, TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. :angry:

INTERESTING, VERY INTERESTING...Americans are expensive when it comes to being paid to work.
if you tell an immigrant to work 24hrs for $20, they'll do it...whether or not you include health benefits.
If you tell that to an American to do the same...they look some where else for possibly 5x as much for less hours.

Politicians and Business owners find it amusing to have immigrants work harder than the average American for less.
I guess this kind of greed is the main Cause poverty in America.


I hate the fact tho that places in America require you to speak Spanish if order to get the job.
For example a fast food joint....why the hell do you need to speak Spanish in a pizza place...WTF...
or Dounkan doughnuts....doughnuts aren't even made is Mexico....
I had trouble finding a side job cause they require me to speak Spanish cause of the high Spanish speaking rate here in Texas.
It's not fair cause if there not required to speak English in America then they shouldn't be able to come to America.

I really do think that America along with the Politicians need to get the Immigrant dill-doe out of its ass and
become more strict on who and what they let in this country...


The only good thing that came out of Immigration: A good chunk of American Population derived from Immigrants....
Could you just imagine if we didn't have different cultures mix over the years.... :blink:
The Gene Pool would be a tad bit shallow don't cha think? :ph34r:

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"Time comes when the the cold sets in and puts Gods work into a deep Coma like slumber, this my friends is called death and it could never be oh so beautiful this time of the year."

Tomorrow is another day to find out if your going to die or not, better get to work
before Dark angel of death comes back for more than just his redemption's.

Final thought for the day:

Did you know that President Obama signed his stimulus package at the same desk where President Clinton got his package stimulated?

~ Azriel's daughter



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I really like that letter. Well done!

Times are changing. Spanish is becoming a useful language to know. We can't just say "go back to your country, learn English, then come to our country" because it's too late for that. The Spanish speaking people are already here. So all we can do it adapt. Most jobs will pay you more if you can speak Spanish. My employer is one of them. I don't think this is unfair at all. If you took the time to learn a language other than your own and do a damn good job speaking it, then you deserve to get paid more. More skills equals more money. It's always been that way. In a way, more skills is just as good as more experience. So when a person walks into my company and speaks English and Spanish fluently and is paid 5 bucks more or at the same pay rate as the guy sitting next to them whose been working there for 5 years, that person really can't complain. Sure that person has the experience and has worked to earn that 5 bucks more, but they can't be angry at a person getting paid the same at starting pay for having more qualifications for the job. ( I deal with phone calls by the way)
My mothers side of the family is from Mexico. My grandfather didn't make it past the 8th grade and he worked his ass off to make it that far (his father wouldn't pay to send him to a school in the city to learn). When he could no longer afford to go, he kept his textbooks and studied. He learned English on his own and moved to this country. He gets very annoyed when he sees Mexicans on TV who just waltz right into this country and expect everything handed to him when people like him worked so hard to have what they have. He thinks they give him a bad name and he's right. I do think that Mexicans should make a better effort to learn English before and after coming to America. But we can't expect it to happen so suddenly. That's why we need people who can speak both languages.
I do admit, having to speak Spanish at a fast-food place is pretty ridiculous considering there are pictures and numbers to correspond with the food items. Whatever. Move on I guess. Maybe pick up Spanish for dummies or something and teach it to yourself. We just have to adapt people.
Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death." -Nny
"touching, informative, inspirational, secondshifters"

Enki Anunaki

Enki Anunaki

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Sounds like grass roots terrorism, Cyrus.
At least that's what they'll call it if anyone tries to do anything about it. The power is once again in the hands of the inherited wealthy. Interestingly enough it happened again without the aid of monarchy.
And I agree with you, Gabriel. Do you have any idea how much respect I got from Germans when they learned I could speak their language, in their country?

I have extreme opinions on immigration, illegal or otherwise. And I'm a descendant of immigrants, my people built the very foundations of this country, figuratively and literally, many of them were stone masons, but even they could speak English.
ASSIMILATE, if you aren't even trying to learn the language then get the fuck out.
I'm somewhat of an idealist, I know, and I don't fucking care. But I think the durations of work visas should be shortened, citizenship should be made more difficult, and perhaps that our borders should be closed altogether to immigration. Also, if you were born here and you're too fucking stupid to pass a citizenship test by the time you're legally an adult I think you should have some body armor slapped onto you, a short training period with an M-16, and be para-dropped into our war-zone flavor of the year. Or put into work camps.
We have one of the fastest growing populations, from reproduction alone, in the world. Let's work with what we've got.
Fuck it.
I'm going to stop my steamroller right there...
Enki-Bot: Rant Mode: Disengaged...
Enki-Bot: Mildy-Censored Pseudo-Diplomatic Mode: Engaged...

Because the things I want to say, I know very well, shall be extremely offensive to some.
However, I can tell you that I wont accept foreign vagabonds, who can't even communicate, into my community with open arms. In fact, I'll get them thrown out of the pubs, because I have that kind of influence around here. It may seem petty but if they can't even make a premeditated attempt to be capable of communicating, then I don't even want to deal with them.
This, my friends, is one point which makes me THANK THE GODS that I live in Alaska, because uncommonly do we see immigrants, and generally they're Turkish, Ukrainian, or Russian. Also, many Germans visit in the summertime to fish. And guess what? They all grasp varying degrees of mastery of the English language. Strange, eh? No, not really. I should think it would be just as easy for a Russian to learn English as it would be a Mexican. Some of the Germans speak better English than 75% of the people that I know, including my internet friends. So I have no pity for the ignorant masses. Pick up an English conversion dictionary if you wish to live or work in this nation.

This has given me a great deal of fuel to rant in my DeadJournal.

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