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Eyes and other poems.

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Life happens when the light goes out,
as the last flicker of life illuminates a room.
The muscles and tendons shutter,
as the eyes that once sought adventure scream for help.

Dreams die with bodies as cities thrive and fall.
People go on walking through aisles,
cancerous cells destroy families just the same.
Those eyes move back and forth an ocean of confusion.

Stomachs turn with pain, eyes flood with tears.
Embraces of sorrow, words of encouragement are given.
The hands go cold and the heart slows with each second
The eyes look forward and go blank.

Seasons come and go with the passing years.
Families heal and the humor returns.
Pain soon to be replaced with joy,
The ice blue eyes etched forever in memory.

The Song

The Guitar's song is full of sorrow,
And the night is going fast.
The people of the juke joint gyrate,
As the anthem drives their inhibitions away.
The fingers of the musician make the guitar scream,
While the crowd begins to yell and laugh and cry.
The song is an old tale of blues,
handed down from Mr. Johnson and to each generation since.
it still has those people dancing
Their lives moving as quick as they do.
People pass every year
And yet the song still remains.
The faces change, as do the guitars
The young turn old, blues turns into soul
And yet the song never ages
It takes us all back to our Sweet Home.

All In the Darkness

There he is, he is lurking.
There he is alone.
In the shadows smirking,
hiding behind headstones.
His body is dead, but his lust lives forever on.
Watch your back he is hunting,
wanting your blood to run.
So beautiful is his face, and yet intentions are so cruel.
Dont turn around or stop to pray, he is right behind you.
Feeling him breathing, his body's coolness pricks your hair.
Feeling him feeding, your empty blank stare.
Your eyes wonder, wishing you could fight.
Nothing that you can do, when the vampire takes the bite.
All in the darkness, stories and tales have told,
once you are bitten you never will grow old.
somtimes you feel like a nut somtimes you dont...-STM-

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