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writing a book, need some input

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Poll: if you saw an adult comedy book with this title in a book store, would you pick it up and read it? (3 member(s) have cast votes)

Castle Piehol: The Misadventures of Sparky, Piecheck, and Geoffy the headless chicken"

  1. yes, i would read the back (2 votes [66.67%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 66.67%

  2. no, it sounds stupid (1 votes [33.33%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

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adult comedy, i would appreciate your input, thanks
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Darkness can be your best friend, and it can be your mortal enemy....
things that you can hid in it are monumental. when you wish, the
dark will become your best friend.....it can hid anything....everything
and almost everything anyone wishes to hide.....the darkness is upon
us...we just need to wake up, and realize that a new age is coming.
when the first person wakes up, it will be a shock...then that person
will realize that the nightmare that he has been living in has been a
dream. a dream that will not end, until he accepts the fact that the
world has been left in darkness. the person will then realize that
the darkness is not an enemy, it is a friend....it can be more distant
than a love that is carried on, 30000 miles between two....or, it can
be more intimate than the best lover....when the darkness comes.....
you be ready?



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adult comedy, i would appreciate your input, thanks

Well sadly I'd need a little bit more input to base a vote on than the genre / title alone. (Based on title I might pick it up and read the back)

In screenwriting we do what's called a logline. I'm not sure in novel writting what it would be called.

A logine is about three sentences that tell what the story is about.


"When an under-appreciated boy is accidentally left behind by his family when they leave for a European vacation, he must learn how to take care of himself and be the man of the house, only to discover that his house has been targeted by bumbling burglars whom he thwarts several times before realizing that they know that he is alone and that they are coming back, so he must now single-handedly defend the house."

That would be a logline for "Home Alone".

So can you share a little bit of what the story is about?
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Sometimes it's in the darkness that we truly learn to see.

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Shattered Skulls

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HAHAHA. I would DEFINITELY read the back of that. :lol:

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