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    Green Eggs And Ham

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I don't know if this'll Work so I'm gonna give it a shot anywyas...

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    Friends don't let friends kill people.?

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well it worked. did it ever. lol
Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death." -Nny
"touching, informative, inspirational, secondshifters"



    Necrophiliac- Wanna play dead for me?

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Well my dear.

Very very nice I must say... I like it a lot and I'm glad it worked!!!

:D :D




    Daisy-Head Maizie

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Hott!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all I have to say.... *does something really bad that feels realllyyy good and smokes a cigarete* oh por dios! hehehehehe
Red :P

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