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Broken Road, a poem of sorts

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Starphoenix Koroias

Starphoenix Koroias

    And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street

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..o0(I haven't really been able to write like this in awhile...dunno where it came from.
I guess I'm still screwed up inside)

One could look upon the past of a lifetime and call the rough patches a
broken road. You traveled it, got bumped and bruised and maybe even beaten
down. Broken roads are sometimes filled with bad intentions or misdirection.

So what do you call it when the road stretches on for years? Is it a broken
road or a shattered highway? Decide for yourself.

I began my journey many years ago,
I went down a unknown path that became a broken road.
At first it was a smooth one, and travelling it was fun,
but then somewhere along the line it became a battle to be won.

It started with falling in love with bright-eyed girl,
who seemed to be the right one and brightened up my world.
The first few years flew right on by and I was happy as could be,
but things slowly started to change and my road became choppy.

I took a trip across this great country to build my newfound life,
and it was great because I thought I had a loving wife.
My job was tough and money was tight but we had our love,
but then the sky would soon fall like lead on me from above.

[ Paging : (Enter), (T)op, (Q)uit, (B)ack, ®efresh, (L)ast, (A)ll ]:

Wife with child is an exciting time filled with wonders untold,
and I thought I'd finally found what I wanted, shining like gold.
But then soemthing changed and she decided it was time for her to leave,
so I lost my wife and my daughter in a manner I could not believe.

She ran off back to her home and left me all alone,
but I still had a job, my life, and a place that I called home.
Two years of bitter battles and travelling lonely highways,
I was asked to give up my daughter forever and always.

A year or two down this broken road, I was met with a trick of fate,
and one cold rainy February night my car accident happened late.
So my life already broken down got worse and now there I was,
wondering what this could be, how was this what i deserved?

It's been five years since the road became a choppy piece of hell,
and I thought maybe I was at the end of it but alas I couldn't tell.
So here I stand at the side of the road with no map or compass at hand,
wondering if this road will take me and how much more of it I can stand.

There has been no sun nor moon to give me light nor stars in the sky,
Just my slow fading power of will and the inability to die.
I stare down to the horizon line and see nothing but broken road in sight,
and wonder if this lonely voyage will claim soon one night.





I'm a good cook, really!

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