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Game testing? Eh, maybe.

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The above article attempts to disillusion people who are thinking about going into QA in the video game industry, although it doesn't completely discourage them. It merely makes obvious downfalls of this part of the industry that aren't apparent to a lot of people. I have personally spoken with a game tester and I learned that he also does coding (at least, he did when I met him at Comicon a couple years ago); that means that when he runs into a problem, he has to rework the code until he fixes it much like Atnevon and Sanctuary do when they're trying to program the site. Of course, just like in that particular career path, Atnevon's and Sanctuary's devotion to the smooth running of SS is a thankless job that doesn't exactly pay out the ass; nevertheless, we always expect the site (and our video games) to play smoothly enough that they're fun to enjoy. (I appreciate you, Atnevon & Sanctuary! Thank you so much for all your hard work! ^_^ )


I'd be interested to see blogs or articles regarding other aspects of the gaming industry as well. I, myself, have considered writing the dialogue and scripts for video games, comics, and other media as well but I haven't been able to find much on writing for video games or comics. Perhaps someone else can find some info for me? I suck at searching, apparently (especially for images but that's another problem entirely).


Anyway, enjoy the article and let me know your thoughts. It might also be interesting to hear the gaming industry discussed from this angle in one of the podcasts, though I understand if you wonderful podcasters can't fit it in. Thanks for all your hard work anyway! ^_^

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